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Pure Awesomeness

Apoorva Kharche

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Robotics

Pure Awesomeness
Simple, Easy, Fun
Remote Control Car
A box on wheels
connected to two switches
turn motor on and off
As easy as telling your friend what to do
just need to ask the right way
As easy as building blocks
Hangout with your team
cool people like you
bond with team members
laser tag, movies, etc
learn to dodge robots
"To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders."

Dean Kamen, Founder
and Recognition
For the
of Science
and Technology
ages 9-14
NXT platform
easy to use
easy to pick up
and it's LEGO!!
ages 15-18
we do this
NXT extension
prefabricated aluminum
variety of gears and wheels
can mix with LEGO
quite powerful
quite fun
ages 15-18
more real world
bigger robots
metal parts
team size quite large
Don't need to be an expert to compete
learn along the way
most people start with none very little experience
If you don't try, you will never gain experience
No Experience? No Problem!
Robotics doesn't have to be a sport
like anything else, it can be a hobby
grab some parts
LEGO Mindstorms NXT is a good place to start
comes with a manual and tutorials
Remote control through Android phones
everything is already set up, just need a robot
Start Building
Still Don't want to compete?
Follow a line
Follow a Black line as opposed to other colors
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