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A persentation I had to do for a school project all about anime, what it is and why I love it :)

Devi jodhan-Singh

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Anime

By Devi
What is anime?
Anime (ah-NIH-may) is the term for Japanese animation. IT IS NOT A CARTOON! The style is usually kept fairly realistic (the exception,of course, being the huge eyes), whereas in cartoons, many of the characters are disproportionate or undetailed. Anime often tends to be more serious than cartoons as well, and the genres vary widely. In Japan, people of all ages watch anime:children, teenagers and adults
Well known anime
Many popular, well known shows in England are Japanese anime which have been dubbed (covered by English voice actors) and then aired such as:
.Avatar: The last airbender
.Inazuma eleven
.And many more...

Some of my favorite anime(s)
Black butler/Kuroshitsuji
Black butler, based in Victorian London, tells the story of Ciel Phantomhive, a 12 year old earl who loses everyone and everything dear to him due to a vicious attack against his family. In order to survive and gain revenge on those who killed his parents, Ciel makes a contract with a demon; in exchange for his soul, the demon will serve as Ciel's butler and help him achieve his revenge. However, things are complicated by the interference of Grim Reapers, Angels, Living puppets, Demon hounds and ghosts, all of which Ciel and his butler have to deal with by order of the Queen. Little does Ciel know that they are all linked to his parents death and that their leader is planning an even bigger plot to turn London into ashes.
Black Butler Opening
This anime is about students Maka albarn and Soul Eater (Yes, that is his name) who attended the "Death Weapon Meister Academy" , a school set up by Death himself dedicated to training Reapers and Scythes to capture corrupted human souls before they can turn into chaos demons known as "Kishin". Maka and Soul have almost completed their training, having already collected 99 corrupted souls, all they need to do is one final mission to collect a witches soul. However, this mission goes horribly wrong and results in them having all their previous souls confiscated, meaning Maka and Soul have to start collecting them all over again. To make matters worse, the teachers discover and army of demons and witches are preparing an attack on the academy that the students are far from ready for.
Soul Eater Opening
Kyo Kara Maoh!
Yurri Shibuya has always thought he was just a regular 15 year old Japanese school boy until one day, when standing up to the school bully, he falls into a portal taking him to the Demon Kingdom, where much to surprise, he quickly discovers that he is to become the new Demon King. However, Yurri is completely different to the previous kings his subjects are used to. He is firm believer in peace and justice and refuses to use violence to solve conflicts, which may not be the best strategy to use in world on the verge of war. Now, Yuri has to deal with trying to become a good King, while at the same time attempting to learn this lands' customs and culture (after accidentally engaging himself), as well as getting his homework done for school in time.
Kyo Kara Maoh! Opening
My anime drawings
Why Do I like Anime?
I like anime because it's very different to the shows we have in England, the plot lines are very diverse and the characters are very complex. The fan service is also great as in anime anything really goes. I also like as it is not a popular thing that loads of people watch in the UK.

Thanks for watching
I hope I didn't freak you out too much :)
(DEFINATELY no for the boys...)
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