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Scholar Day Prezi (Service-Learning)

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Jacob Ward

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Scholar Day Prezi (Service-Learning)

A Better Me, A Better You, A Better Us:
Bridging University and Community Through Service-Learning
PLANNING: The Literature Review
ACTION: The Day of the Conference!
Presented by the "Hardcore Four":
Danielle Dumski
Jacob Ward
Joshua Scott
Kelsey Kincaid

Proverbial "problem child"
Language barriers in the classroom
"creative maladjustment."
Success Stories
Famous and Not-So Famous
Culture and Circumstance.
Compilation of teacher stories
"Lessons Learned" for future educators in multicultural settings
Challenging gender stereotypes

This book lead us to start the idea of the conference...
METHODS: The Dirty Work
Every session was practiced and critiqued in class before the conference.
"It was eyeopening and heart warming"
"They were life lessons."
"Service-learning is a way to solidify knowledge learned in the classroom, by bringing it into the community. Service-learning is a good technique used in classrooms to get students involved in their neighborhood. In our project, we got into the community by getting involved with Alliance Middle School with a daylong conference that we planned and implemented. It was a challenge because it was hard to keep everyone motivated and on track through the planning phase, but it was one of the most rewarding projects that I have participated in here at Mount Union. It helped create lasting relationships and made people feel like they did something important. It can be tough, but in the end we did something that helped other people learn new knowledge, and that is the most rewarding thing a teacher can do. In the future having done this project, it gives me great ideas of how to implicate it into my own classroom in the future." -Kelsey Kincaid
Does more than just reinforce learning
Class became closer
Realized their own potential
Positive activity
Unify knowledge
Class and community involvement
The Four Steps:
1) Planning
Girls = Body Image & Breaking Gender Roles
Boys = Real meaning of "masculinity"
A Better Me,
EDU215B Students were divided by interest into groups and developed a session.
Arrangements for a keynote speaker were made and a cultural dance session was created.
Supplies and Materials
were gathered...
Check-in table:
Mount Union "Swag"
African Drums & Tinikling
Body Image
Media Literacy
Keynote Speaker
Cross the Line
Closing Session
Service-learning builds the connection between the community and the school and it has long lasting effects on the students. Service-learning helps students become more positive about school and become better students and better people; moreover, students who participate in service-learning are shown to have better academic performance, attendance, and behavior
(Martin, 2006).
is so much more than your standard "class project"
For research purposes, we:
Created a researched based conference

Studied the impact of the experience of
service-learning on the students of mu215b.
"Deciding to take a chance with three other students to take part in a wonderful opportunity was a hard, but rewarding experience. We were the teachers and students at the same time. We taught ourselves, the middle schoolers, and Dr. Martin a few things.
This service learning conference has made a huge impact on my education process and excites me for my future even more by giving me the chance to work with a team of future teachers and help educate students on topics in need. " -Danielle Dumski
"The conference gave me great Joy because I relate it to Bible verse 1 Peter 5:10...

'And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.'

When preparing for the conference there was struggle, but as a Man of God I knew He would bring Us through if we kept Faith and our Eyes on the Prize which is what I felt the Hardcore 4 did. Watching the kids learn and be impacted by Us was awesome and I made 3 Great Friends from the conference!!" -Joshua Scott
"What did I learn from the Service Learning project?... I learned that this kind of project is not an easy project to carry out. It takes time. It takes effort.... You might get to the point where things are so frustrating that you will want to throw in the towel and just sit back and let it be what it will.
But the final product is much more fulfilling after everything is said and done. It is totally worth it all in the end." -Jacob Ward
Evaluation given to AMS students
"Because they were really relevant and helped me understand a lot."
"It was fun."
"They were all informative."
"Because it was all very well told."
Qualitative Feedback
As an Educator: Why is
good pedagogy???
Now go forth
studied the effectiveness of the conference
In general: "It was life changing"
I Won't Learn From You
by Herbert Kohl
by Malcolm Gladwell
Teaching with Vision
by Sleeter and Cornbleth
The Truth About Girls and Boys
by Rivers and Barnett
And as students?...
Created an evaluation form for AMS students to fill-out.
Multicultural Education course EDU215b put together a Middle School Conference with Alliance Middle School (AMS)

Table 2: Question 2, Was the Information Engaging?
Table 3: Question 3, Was the Information Relevant?
Table 4: Question 4, Was the Information New to you?
4) Celebration/Demonstration
3) Reflection
Susan Michaels, Keynote Speaker
50 middle school students on Mount Union's campus
Held in Hoover Price Campus Center and Field House in MAAC
11 sessions available
As leaders, we planned a functional conference
As students, we wanted to work cooperatively and plan sessions using pedagogical techniques
As teachers, we hoped to transfer our knowledge to the AMS students
for the Project
Furthering our knowledge as students, we took the curriculum we were taught and became experts on it!
A Better Us...
A Better You,
Table 1: Question 1, Was the Content Helpful?
Photo taken by Jena Finch
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