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ERS - Strategic Teacher Teaming: Boston, MA


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Transcript of ERS - Strategic Teacher Teaming: Boston, MA

Up Academy: Strategic Teaching Teams

Shared content teams at
UP Academy
continuously improve instruction through strategic use of collaborative planning time.

For more info on UP Academy: check out our Best Practices Template on School Designer
UP Academy
- Boston, MA
UP Academy Boston is a charter management organization that re-started the Patrick F. Gavin Middle School, a chronically under-performing public school in Boston.
Teachers have the time and support they need to develop rigorous lessons and formative assessments. High quality instruction is delivered consistently across team members and is flexible to students’ needs.
How did they make it work?
Economically Disadvantaged
Students with Disabilities
English Language Learners
Resource Implications
Since 2011, high student growth has been achieved and sustained over time.
During weekly 3 hour meetings, teachers develop lesson plans and analyze student assessment data to ensure consistent delivery of rigorous instruction to all students.
UP Academy Boston serves 470 students in Grades 6-8
As of 2011, fewer than
1 in 3
students could read, write or do math at grade-level proficiency.

Elements of
Strategic Teacher Teaming
Teachers are released from teaching duties for one half of a school day every week to participate in shared-content meetings.
All teachers who work with students in a common content area- including ELL and Special Education teachers- are included in the shared content meeting to maximize available expertise.

Collaboration results in work products, including common lesson and unit plans that all teachers on the team use. A dedicated meeting facilitator relies on clear agendas and protocols to ensure discussion drives towards these work products.  
The Dean of Curriculum and Instruction participates in all meetings to help teams produce high quality work, and also supports the meeting’s facilitator.
Teachers trust and support each other, and also hold each other accountable for producing engaging and rigorous lessons.
Dedicated meeting time:
Whole team participation:
Results-driven facilitation:
Expert support:
Professional adult culture:
UP Academy has a longer school day to provide sufficient time for both core and non-core classes.

All students in a grade participate in non-core classes
at the same time to free core teachers for meeting time.

As of 2015, UP Academy Boston
ranked #1
state-wide in academic growth in Math for the fourth consecutive year.

Data-driven decisions:
Teams analyze the student data resulting from common assessments to identify how to adjust lesson plans going forward and which students require extra help.
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