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Personal Hygiene?

No description

Kara Budden

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Personal Hygiene?

Personal Hygiene?
What's that Got to Do with Me? the Class?
Book by Pat Crissey

What is Personal Hygiene?
all the things we do to keep our bodies clean
includes bathing daily, washing hands frequently, keeping fingernails clean/trimmed, using deodorant, wearing clean clothes
makes a HUGE difference in what other people think about us
when someone has poor personal hygiene other teens don't want to hang out with someone who smells bad and looks dirty
employers consider hygiene when hiring employees
good personal hygiene = look good, smell good, feel good = others want to be around us/ have comfortable thoughts about us
PLUS!!! It helps us stay healthy!!!!
The teenage body requires EXTRA CARE!!!
sweat glands = +active, therefore ++ sweat (sweat when we are hot and nervous)
people are always sweating! even when they don't feel hot
sweat = perspiration Body order = B.O.
perspiration comes out of the pores with no smell
What creates B.O.? Let's watch the video:
More than just a bad hair day?
one of the first things people notice about us is our hair
it can be challenging to keep teenage hair looking and smelling clean
each strand of hair has its own oil gland, which, during the teenage years produce extra oil making the hair look greasy
hair that isn't clean will look oily and smell bad too
(bacteria and perspiration to thank for this!)
shampoo will wash this bacteria away (using too much shampoo and not rinsing well will also leave the hair looking sticky and dirty)
Hey! "Dragon Breath"...
our mouths are the perfect place for bacteria: wet, dark and warm
when we sleep, these bacteria grow rapidly, hence "morning breath"
we often can not tell if we have bad breath because our noses become accustomed to it - others do notice and it is unpleasant
people will turn away/back away from us if we have smelly breath
Lend a "Clean" Hand
frequent and thorough hand washing is one of the most important things we can do to stay healthy / look clean
we pick up germs by touching door knobs, handles, railings and other surfaces that people may have coughed or sneezed on
if our hands look dirty, people will not want to shake our hand or want us to touch things around/belonging to them
Here a Hair, There a Hair!
armpits, groin, face
shaving facial hair is optional (some men grow mustaches/beards)
when it first starts growing there isn't much so it may be best to shave
shave in the am
use lotion/after shave on face after hair removal
Dude! Your feet...stink!
To keep your feet looking and smelling good:
1. wash feet with soap
2. dry feet well
3. trim toenails
4. wear clean socks
5. wear dry/clean shoes
Let's face it...
3 important steps for good-looking skin:
1. gently wash your face every night and every morning
2. use acne medication if needed
3. never squeeze a pimple (remember the hand washing slide!???!???)
To look, smell, and feel clean: 1. bathe daily (soap & water) 2. put on deodorant 3. wear CLEAN clothes
To have a good hair day:
1. wash hair daily (shampoo & water)
2. brush hair
To make your breath smell good:
1. brush your teeth with toothpaste am & pm
2. scrape/brush your tounge
3. floss daily
To stay healthy and clean, wash your hands:
1. before preparing/touching/eating food
2. after using the toilet
3. after blowing your nose, touching an animal, handling garbage or anything that's dirty
To wash thoroughly:
1. use warm running water and soap
2. rub hands together for at least 15 seconds
3. rub between fingers and scrub under fingernails
5. rinse thoroughly and dry with paper towel, clean cloth, hand dryer
armpits, groin, legs
some girls dislike having hairy armpits or legs
best time to shave: right after a shower or bath
hair removal cream/waxing
shave daily or a couple times a week (more in the warmer months)
use lotion on legs and deodorant under arms after hair removal
hair makes it easier for bacteria and sweat to hide
keep the armpits and groin areas well washed, using soap to get rid of odor
it's hard to make a good impression if our feet stink
the feet are another body part that perspires a lot and can smell bad if they aren't kept clean
*stop video after first line agents*
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