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Taylor Swift

No description

Tiegan P

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
This presentation will show you Taylor's road to fame, success, and many things you may not have known about this sweet country girl!
Born on December 13th, 1989, Taylor Alison Swift became an official member of the the Swift family. About four years later, her little brother, Austin came along. Growing up on a Christmas tree farm, Taylor's mom, Andrea Swift wanted Taylor to be a business woman in a business world, just like herself. Her family's farm was her most favourite place in the world! She could run and play, but she grew up swiftly.
We all know Taylor plays guitar in her songs, right? She started by taking lessons. Did you know she learned her first three chords from a man who came to fix the family's computer? Ten minutes later, she had wrote her very first song titled 'Lucky You.' Each week, the man tought her more chords. By the age of twelve, she was playing four hours a day, everyday.
There was a lot of good things happening to Taylor at the time, but also a few bad things, such as mean girls. A group of popular girls at Taylor's school (who used to be her friends), bullied her because of her curly hair. Poor Taylor just wanted to fit in with the 'cool girls.' She always tried to tame her curls, but it never worked. At the time, she felt as if she were stuck on the outside. She wrote the song 'Outside,' which is on her first album.
As a young girl, Taylor's been doing karoke, mini performances at festivals, and writing more and more songs. She realized she wanted to be a country singer when she grew up. Then, one show changed her career, at the U.S. Open. It is one of the four most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. Taylor sung a song in front of 20000 people. Among the fans was Dan Dymtrow, the manager of Britney Spears. He was
mpressed with Taylor's talent and took her as a client and worked to promote the young girl. Then Taylor got a development deal with RCA Records in Nashville. She performed for them, but they decided they'd rather shelve her. That means they didn't think she could make a record just yet. Taylor was disappointed that RCA didn't have faith in her potential, so she walked away from the deal. But, she still believed in herself and she worked at persuading her parents to move to Nashville.
She ended up moving before she was a freshman. And she got a fresh start in Nashville (Music City, U.S.A.). Her family was supportive and they didn't push on her. It wasn't long before Taylor found a home as a songwriter in Sony/ ATV Records. She was the youngest employee they have hired, but they were impressed. Taylor had started live a double life; being a professional songwriter and an average teenager. A lot of social politics at her new school were just like her old school. But there was one difference, she had a great friend. Taylor met Abigail during ninth grade English. Neither of them cared about popularity one bit. They both focused on what they cared about, and not what other people thought.
Now that Taylor was in the home of country music, that was what she wanted to focus on. She always bases her songs on something personal. he says she would be heartbroken if a song she liked was just written to be on the radio.She believes music is a way to say things she would be to scared to say to someone's face. Also, she would actually write a song about anything. Abigail says she's seen Taylor pull out a kleenex and write a song about it!
Soon, Taylor landed a role in Big Machine Records. They were actually very impressed with her singing! They even promised her an album! She began recording songs she's written over the years. Eventually, she put together her first album, self- titled "Taylor Swift."
Later, she released "Fearless" and the "Fearless" Platinum Edition.
In between albums, she made the bonus six track album, "Beautiful Eyes."
In 2010, she was been very successful in her career. But little did she know she'd become a model. She was an official Covergirl makeup model! She had a line of "Natureluxe" makeup and much more.
In late 2010, she released her next album, "Speak Now". She also released the deluxe version including six extra songs.
In October 2012, she released her newest album, "Red," including her hit single, 'We are Never Getting Back Together!'
Taylor Swift has won many awards, including Grammy's and many more.
“People haven't always been there for me, but music always has.”
- Taylor Swift
Thanks for Watching!
Have you noticed Taylor's small obsession with the number 13?
She was born on the 13th, she writes a 13 on her hand before every show. Her first album went gold in 13 weeks. Her first hit song had a 13 second intro. And, when ever she wins an award, she sitting in either: seat 13, row 13, section 13, or row M, which is the 13th letter.
Taylor Swift also has a cute Kitty Cat named Meredith!

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