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The PR's Guide to World Domination

Think Visibility 4

Karyn Fleeting

on 5 September 2010

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Transcript of The PR's Guide to World Domination

the pr's guide to
world domination Karyn Fleeting Tinderbox Media @karynfleeting work In the 21st Century, What does PR Do? Increases Visibility Increases Engagement Positions Product / Service Drives Sales + + = ? ? ? The Challenge Start Gadget Glamour Aims are you targeting? Who Make your Picks A word on Social A DAmned Good Database Other Aftercare How to write a Magnificent Press Release Avoid These Mistakes Send Patience! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chasing NAME contacts
READ publications
KNOW press days
KNOW lead times NRS Social Grades: AB1 BC1C2 BC1C2D 28-44 "young" ABC1 "34" peers (B2B)
clients (B2B)
consumers (B2C) iPhone & iPad customers:

young (25-36)

(Nielson) anonymised
waffle thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you Links?
Web editors? Maximise Position www.responsesource.com
PR home leave it a day or two | avoid press days / broadcast times! be confident | be brief | smile! COVERING EMAIL
keep it brief - just enough to get their interest
address the recipient by NAME
the top line is your big sell
include your contact details at the end
proper email signature please
add value? Channels?
Titles? Decisions Decisions Who?
Why? revolutionary iconic leading unique DON'T FORGET
contact details
stockist info
Editor's Notes
spellcheck Decisions New product?
New research?
New event?
New development?
New achievement?

Gadget Glamour’s skins and stickers for iPhones and iPads are now available in the UK for the first time.

The striking iPhone and iPad accessories, which feature custom artwork and downloadable, matching wallpapers, have already proved popular with Apple fans in the USA.

With prices starting at just £10.00 and with designs ranging from fairytales to stripes and polka dots...
Skins and stickers for phones and laptops are available in the UK.

A range of skins and stickers for iPhones and iPads is now available in the UK.

A range of skins and stickers for iPhones and iPads is available in the UK for the very first time.

Gadget Glamour’s skins and stickers for iPhones and iPads are now available in the UK for the first time.
A word on SEO www.journalisted.com
www.info.clipsearch.co.uk Me: background in journalism Now MD of Tinderbox Media Recent coverage for one of our clients Using my hobby blog as an example.
Here's the result of a 5 min appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live the other week, at 8 am on a Saturday morning.
Day of BBC Radio 5 Live appearance + two subsequent days (And RSS subs went up by 100) To give you an idea:
This is me at work back when press releases were still sent in the post (eek!) And here you can see how many press releases / product drops etc. I received EVERY SINGLE MORNING... For Gadget Glamour: www.gadgetglamour.co.uk Remember that one size does not fit all www.globalwebindex.net This slide featured some real-life examples of horrible press releases and blogger outreach - for ThinkVis attendees only, I'm afraid! www.tinderboxmedia.co.uk
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