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Difference between Ancient China & Australia

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Alla Morley

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Difference between Ancient China & Australia

Difference between Ancient China

By Alla Morley 7 Orange
In Ancient China there was no use of technology such as mobile phones, computers, T.Vs etc.
Back in ancient chinese times messages were sent via a pigeon . They would release the pigeon with a message around its neck and somehow he new where to go. Other forms of communication where letters being written by hand, and people being told the message then having to travel by horse to the other person and telling them.

Travelers wouldn't be able to text pictures or contact with there families. they had to send a card.
When farmers in Australia planted they planted in rows which is called row planting.

You will notice that when the chinese were planting there crops to produce there food they would plant them in rows.

Row Planting
Medicine Knowledge

In Ancient China knowledge of medicine was unknown of they used mind and spiritual beliefs to heal there soul. They have come very far and what China is most recommended for is acupuncture which was an old chinese tradition.
You will notice that there is a difference between modern Australia and Ancient Chinese Architecture. In Ancient China there slaves made the Great Wall of China.

Melbourne, Australia has the Eureka Tower with the height of 297m. The Great Wall of China with the length of 21,196.18 km.
Ancient China had a government system to modern Australia-
Emperor- Our Prime Minister
Ministers- Polirthons elected.

The Emperor was only allowed to wear yellow to show that he was most important.
People still got married, had children, went to school and farmed there own food.

They had animals like cows fo milk sheep fro wool. Horses were used to pull carts from town to town to get to events and places.

Doctors, Nurses, farmers, students, politicions and so on. Yes they may have lived differently but are still used for the same purpose today but all with the same purpose in life therefore they are similar.
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