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A Beginner's Guide To Event Planning

This guide will assist aspiring event planners when planning their first event.

Lindsey Bowers

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of A Beginner's Guide To Event Planning

A Beginner's Guide To
Event Planning By: Lindsey Bowers What are your event goals? What do you hope to achieve? Why are you holding this event? Determine Your
Event Objectives Lay Out The
Budget Create a cost sheet Implement a payment schedule Establish Your
Event Style What kind of event will it be? Sample Event Styles Conferences Executive Retreats Conventions Gala Fund-raising Events Product Launches Create Your Critical Path Work backwards from your event date What has to be done when? Include all contract's cutoff dates Continue to update as the event approaches Sample Critical Path Create Function Sheets Accounts for every item of your event Designed to keep you organized Pay attention to detail Sample Function Sheet Sample Budget Location Location is everything You are limited only by your imagination and your budget Establish location requirements Location Samples Hotels Parks Theatres The Guests Who is your target audience? How many? Create invitations Sample Invitations Does it fit with your theme? Food and beverage can be used as a part of the decoration Consider room layout Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages? Served or Buffet? Food and Beverage Considerations Food and Beverage
Samples Edible Centerpieces Buffet Signature Drink Choose Your Event
Theme Consider your audience Utilize decorations such as centerpieces, flowers and lighting Incorporate activities, games and gifts Consider the date of your event: What season? What time of day? Event Theme Samples Alice in Wonderland Beach Gifts Fiesta Evaluation Consider areas you could have improved on Review guest's notes and overall enjoyment of the event Record your observations for future events Did you stick to your function sheets and critical path? Were you under, over or meet your budget? References Lindsey Bowers
Georgia Southern University
PRCA 3332
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