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Interior Design

No description

Rachel Boone

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Interior Design

Ancient Egypt
Extravagant tombs and temples for worship.
History of interior design
Cave paintings in prehistoric times
Decorating is a primal instinct
influenced by religion and new technology
Renaissance Cathedrals in Europe
Gothic architectual styles became prevalent
18th & 19th Century

Traditional design in homes
Design is no longer primarily seen in churches
Travel allows new design influences
Modern Design
Works of famous designers
We begin to learn the names behind the spaces
Interior design becomes a legitimate field of study
Philippe Starck
Laura Day
Aspects of interior design
Balance- evenly placing decor throughout the space to create symmetry
Emphasis- Creating a focal point in the space
Unity- color, pattern, or theme that brings the space together
Proportion- adjusting furniture size to fit the room
Movement- Natural flow of the room
Skills required
Associates degree
Bachelors degree
Artistic skills
Business skills
Social skills

Ethics classes
Many states require an interior design license
Career opportunities
Kitchen and bath designer
Self employment is common among designers
Designers have the option to join a design firm or create their own
Teaching design is an option for those with degrees
Works cited
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Cueva de las Manos
Lascaux Cave Paintings
Sign of intelligence
Interior Design
Sées Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral
Education Required
Coursework Includes

Furniture Design
Colors and fabrics
Lighting Design
Furniture Designer
Computer Skills
Knowledge of design software
Creating 2D and 3D design
Interior design is defined as the art or job of planning how the rooms of a building should be furnished and decorated
Exhibit Designer
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