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Nelson's Medal of Honor

No description

lib hist

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Nelson's Medal of Honor

In the year 2012 he risked his life for ours on Dec 8-9 as a part of operation enduring freedom. The target building was filled with captors. He dodged bullets and risked his life to make sure that the captive came out safely.
Chief Edward Byers

Lance Corporal William Kyle Carpenter
He was part of a platoon-sized coalition force. Once he was compromised there was a grenade thrown into the building he was in which resulted in him jumping over it to protect everyone else
Nelson Rivera
Medal of Honor
Both of these medal of honor recipients showed honor by performing their duties as american citizens
Chief Byers & Lance Corporal Carpenter showed their courage by stepping in the face of danger when they knew that they had to.
Chief Byers showed valor when he jumped into enemy fire to make a path for his team.
Lance Corporal Carpenter showed valor when he shielded his team from a bomb that had been thrown into the room they were in.
Both of these men showed patriotism by joining the military to protect and serve our nation.
In conclusion I would like to thank these soldiers and every other soldier for protecting me and the country I live in
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