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Conditions in Germany after WW1

No description

Emily Allred

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Conditions in Germany after WW1

Conditions in Germany after WWI
Jobs and Money
The Golden Years?

Stresemann-The needed hero?
League of Nations
New Currency: Retenmark
Economic Policies: Dawes and Young Plan

"Stability" through loans=Vulnerabilty
And this leads us to...
German economy in the 1920's
Why was Germany so easily manipulated by someone like Adolf Hitler?
There were several characteristics
Economic factors of the time play a significant role in determining how a society will behave
Social Spending
What is it?
Inflation -->
Unrest in Germany
Many political leaders at the time of WW1 were Jewish
Germans felt they had been stabbed in the back by Jews
"Dolchloss Legende"
Beer Hall Putsch
Hitler's failed attempt at revolution
November 9, 1923
Political unrest
Causes of the Depression
Reasons Germany Suffered
The Great Depression in Germany
Lifestyle during the Depression
Hyperinflation in Germany
From Mid-1922 to November 1923
What caused Inflation?
Business' speed up and unemployment
had disappeared
The government issuing a flood of new money
Prices going up at an unbelieveable rate
What the Germans said about inflation
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