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The Negative Effects of the Online Dating Phenomenon

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Terrence McLaughlin

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Negative Effects of the Online Dating Phenomenon

Dating Origins
Online Dating 1994-1995
Kiss.com &Match.com by Gary Kreman
"You've Got Mail"
Business of Love
Millions have fallen for the advertisiing tricks and schemes of online dating sites
Many do not realize that many of these sites are first and foremost a busniess
Promised love, happiness, and the "perfect match"
The internet's ability to reach millions of people day or night has allowed these busniesses to become so profitable
Match.com and eHarmony.com are some of the fastest growing and popular online busniesses
We are coming to accept the idea that "buying love" is acceptable
"Catfish Phenomenon"
-With online dating comes the threat of deception
-Deception is hard to detect through a computer screen, as technology eliminates face-to-face interaction
-"catfish"- a person who creates a fake profile through an online dating site or social media platform
-made popular by Nev Schulman
-Nev, a New York photographer was fooled himself by an online profile
-His journey to meet his online romance was documented in the film "Catfish"
-Today, Schulman hosts the popular television show on MTV, "Catfish:The TV Show"
-Each week, the show highlights the online relationship of two people
-unfortunately, almost every relationship is doomed, like Schulman or Manti Te'o
Niche Dating
creating diversity is a long-lasting cultural initiative
the ease and convenience of communication has been able to bring together people from all walks of life
nonetheless, some elements of new communication have counteracted societal progression
by definition, online dating sites, specifically niche dating services, promote segregation
niche dating services focus on very specific groups of people, sub-cultures, counter-cultures, and social classes.
examples: "J-Date", "Christian Mingle", "Asian People Meet", and "Manhunt".
these sites encourage people to look for partners under very specific guidelines
stops patrons from being able to meet people who may not nessecarily be "within their comfort zone" (exploring, and breaking out of one's comfort zone, is a lesson learned through traditional styles of dating
Profile Experiment
In an effort to present a real-life example of a faux online dating profile, we have created a fake account on "okcupid"

Why does it matter?
Wait... But aren't dating sites good?
What is a risk?
Study in U.S. said that 66% of people thought online dating was dangerous
Physical, Emotional, Privacy
Background checks and State Laws
Privacy Issues
-Over the past five decades, information technology has assisted people in the search for romantic partners.
-Though online dating has been successful, certain problems have surfaced, especially during the current age of social media.
-Our ever-evolving society and culture sometimes struggles to adapt to the constant change in communications.
-This brings to question the actual benenfits of such progression.
The Negative Effects of the Online Dating Phenomenon
SLATER, D. (2013). A MILLION FIRST DATES HOW ONLINE DATING IS THREATENING MONOGAMY. Atlantic Monthly (10727825), 311(1), 40-46.
-The Internet gives people the option to communicate all over the world; with this communication comes responsibility
-Online dating is a convenience, but it is also a business
-The purpose of these websites is to generate money and build a reputation, not to play matchmaker for lasting relationships
-Online dating sites jeopardize privacy, and create a platform for imposter profiles where people with cruel intentions can harm innocent individuals
-It is more common to hear about an online dating horror story than it is to hear about a success story
-The growing capabilities of online communication contributes to today's casualness with dating

In some cases, yes!
-For example, Natalie and Andrew from Baxter, Minnesota met through Match.com and they are now engaged
-J'son and Marla from Houston, Texas met through Match.com and are now married
-Success stories do exist with online dating, but unfortunately privacy is jeopardized through online dating
-It is easy to be fooled by an online dating profile
-unfortunately, the success of online dating is slim and is overshadowed by its downfalls
Aaliyah (left) fell for Alicia (right)
-Aaliyah (18) falls in love with
-They only live 70 blocks
away from eachother, but they
went 10 months without
-Throughout their relationship,
Aaliyah sent Alicia $600 and an iPhone
-When they met in person, Alicia revealed that her online profile was a con to get money out of Aaliyah
Hi, I'm Stan Marshall a 38 year old male from Raleigh, North Carolina
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