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In the epic, the Odyssey, Odysseus shows many examples of cunning and strength.

Elizabeth Traywick

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Cunning/Strength

In this adventure odysseus uses mental strength when he thinks of the trojan horse idea. This idea shows more leadership then a continuos battle. The Odyssey Cunning/Strength The City of Troy Land of the Cyclops Odyseuss'curiousity may have caused him and his men to be in a dangerous situation. In the end Odysseus uses his clever mind to think of a plan to escape. Land of the Lotus Eaters In this adventure Odysseus uses strength as a leader when he has to get his men back from the land of the lotus eaters. The lotus plant when eaten,makes one forgetful of everything and long to stay in the Land of the Lotus forever. The Land of the Dead When in the Land of the Dead, Odysseus has to show mental and physical strength because he has to fight off the dead and has to walk away from his deceased mother and his fallen comrades. Odysseus had to go to the land of the dead to see the blind prophet Tiresias to get forewarnings and his future he must watch out for. Charybdis and Scylla Odysseus and his men had to use physical strength when rowing against the whirlpool, Charybdis Scylla is a 6 headed snake/dog monster who lies next to Charybdis. When Odysseus' men are looking at Charybdis, Scylla attacks from the other side and eats 6 of his men. Odysseus had to use mental strenght as he watched his comrades get eaten knowing he could do nothing about it. He and his men also had to use physical strength to escape before there were any more fatalities. Cattle of the Sun God In this adventure, Odysseus' men show strength by not eating the cattle, although in the end,their strength failed. Odysseus showed strength by not punishing his men for eating the cattle. Sun God- Helios Odysseus' Return Odysseus uses a lot of strength when he reutrns to Ithaca, disguised as a beggar, and has to hide his identity from his loved ones he has not seen in 20 years. Land of the Sirens In the Land of the Sirens, Odyssesus shows great mental and physical strength. He tells his men exactly what he wants to happen and his plan works very well. Elizabeth Traywick & Kelsey Strausbaugh
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