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Yamada Hanako

on 9 January 2013

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Garbage Problem In developing countries The solutions to solve this problem in developing countries. The causes why developed countries have garbage problem.. The solutions to solve this problem in
developed countries. The causes why developing countries have this problem.. In Senegal In India In SriLanka In America In Japan In China In developed countries The release amount of garbage..
150,000 t/day

Japan incinerates garbage.

World numbers of incinerators
Japan 1893 Switzerland 29
America 168 Sweden 21
France 100 Holland 9
Germany,Italy 51 Poorest people live in dangerous landfill areas. There are many plastic garbage.
The amount of Dakar(the capital of Senegal)
is 1000 t/day. It is said that "India is filled with garbage".
There are so many garbage. They are lacking in disposing of garbage.
Almost all of the people don't separate garbage.

Used plastic goods and other used goods are shipped from developed countries.

They don't enough money to found disposal facilities. Organizations
Michi Corporarion
Their activities are..
They appeal how important separating garbage is.
Give employment using elephants' excrement'.(in Sri Lanka)

Palm husks recycle
Promote employment
Acquisition of foreign currency
Supporting because of returning
of sales Developed countries have good disposing systems and disposing facilities.We have to hold "4R" principals. It is said that New York is a "garbage capital".

Recycle percentage
Seattle,Minneapolis 60%
Chicago 47%
Los Angeles 44%
New York 18% The increase rate of garbage is over 10%.

Burning up rate is only 15%.

The problem of disposing of ash. insanitary There are many handicapped children.
They have six fingers or have no fingers. Toxic substances problem The garbage are burned every day. People litter garbage. They make mass production and consume mass production.

The rate of recycle is still low. Discussion questions Have you been to these countries which have garbage problem?
and what did you think?

What do you do to reduce garbage in your house?
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