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Prohibition in the 1900s

No description

ryan husynni

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of Prohibition in the 1900s

What is Prohibition?
: The Dunkin Act is passed, letting any townspeople to disallow the retail sale of alcohol.
: Every province except Quebec, including Yukon enacts prohibition under the war measures act, which shortened the freedom of canadians.
: The canadian government bans existing provinces of the same controlled liquor systems.
: Manitoba ends its noble experiment, switching to a government controlled system.
: Alberta and Saskatchewan also switch.
: Ontario is the last southern province to enact prohibition.

Why Prohibition Happened
National prohibition of alcohol was undertaken to make smaller crime, find an answer to social problems, make smaller tax burden, and improve health and hygiene in America.
What does Social Welfare mean?
Important Dates in the History of Prohibition
Prohibition in the 1900s
By: Ryan Husynni

Speakeasies were hidden sections of a set up were people illegally sold alcoholic beverages during prohibition. To enter a speakeasy, you would of had to need a password to tell the door person so that he would know whether or not you where a secret agent.
As a result of people getting drunk in bars, people who were abstaining from drinking alcohol pushed for alcohol to become illegal. These people were rewarded with the prohibition.
What is the Dunkin Act and the War Measure Act?
The Dunkin Act was an act against the usage of alcoholic beverages.
The Measure Act was a federal statue adopted by parliament. After the First World War.
Thank You!

the various social services provided by a state for the benefits of its citizens.
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