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Animal Farm Prezi

An amazing Animal Farm Prezi by Annie Hiranprasitikul and Vivian Nguyen

Annie H.

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Animal Farm Prezi

By: Annie H. and Vivian N.
Animal Farm Prezi
Vivian's Bubble
Stalin's Five Year Plans
This shows a propaganda poster on what would happen if Stalin's Five Year Plans succeeded; they do this to persuade others to get involved in his plans.
History Animal Farm
Stalin intended to bring the Soviet Union into an industrial age
Napoleon wanted to
build a windmill, which represents industrialization
Using government
as an excuse, they
the civilians; insuring that
starvation swept the nation
both take assets of
any protest of the plan would result
although their plans were terrible,
they both prevented any negative media
surfacing about it
Old Major
Thanks for watching!
The Theme
Theme: Your ideals and values can become corrupted.
This 6 minute, 49 second video explains what exactly ARE Stalin's Five Year Plans and the effect it had on the Soviet Union.
Stalin brutally led on his people with only good intentions for the Soviet Union, just like how Napoleon seized control over building the windmill with force. Stalin's dream of creating a country into an industrial age was toiled by his greed for power and dominance over the peasants of Russia. Joseph Stalin didn't mean for his five year plans to be destructive, not even when it failed three times; this is a clear cut example of the theme, your ideals and values can become corrupted.
This is a propaganda poster with a "friendly" Joseph Stalin, seen holding a baby with a communist flag. This is seen as a sign of hope for his five year plans, making people want to join him. Little do they know that Stalin's five year plans will end in destruction.
To those unaffected by the
disastrous results, Stalin's plan
was a result of progress
The Bolsheviks Storm the Winter Palace
(The Historical Account)
(And its Animal Farm Representations/ Allegories)
Annie's Bubble
i hope you don't mind, Vivian. I organized your bubble a bit to make it a bit more easier to the eye. Delete this message later.
Had more than one five year plan
All his five year plans failed miserably
His third five year plan was interrupted
in immediate death
by World War 2
The lower class(ex. boxer, sheep, etc.)
were forced to work on the windmill while
the higher class(Squealer, Napolean, etc.) lived
in luxury; despite one of the commandments
in Animalism, "all animals are equal."
A more detailed and informative video about the Russian Revolution
By 1917, most Russians had lost faith in Czar Nicholas II. The February revolution that began in March of 1917 (February of the Julian calendar) forced the imperial government to resign and the provisional government to form. The power was shared between the provisional government and the Petrograd Soviet.
This is the beginning of Animal Farm with Mr. Jones as the drunk farmer that neglects his animals as Czar Nicholas II, the corrupt leader of Russia.

In Animal Farm, this parallels with the initial rebellion and the abdication of Jones and the renaming of the farm.
On November 6 and 7, 1917 (or October 24 and 25 on the Julian Calendar, hence the name October Revolution) Vladimir Lenin led the Bolshevik Party in a nearly bloodless coup d’état against the provisional government.
After the provisional government fell, there was a civil war against the White Army. The Bolsheviks won and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was established in 1922. Lenin hoped to establish a socialist utopia based on Marxism. Vladimir Lenin took his place as the head of the communist party.
This parallels with the Battle of the Cowshed and the establishment of Animalism. Snowball and Napoleon are the leaders of Animal Farm.
Bolshevik (1920) by Boris Kustodiev
The theme here is that all societies will have people who will want to take power for their own ends. In the revolution we have many competing bodies: the imperial government, the provisional government, the Petrograd Soviet and the Bolsheviks. During the revolution, each of these governments all want to take control of Russia one way or another.
This is the USSR flag. It features the communist hammer and sickle.
This is the Animal Farm flag. Instead of a hammer and a sickle, there is a hoof and a horn.
Almost everyone had thought that
building the windmill was a good idea, except\
for the intellectuals like Benjamin, he was
one of the few who didn't believe the positive
lies the media had spread.
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