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The Pastoral American Utopia: An Unrealistic Lifestyle

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harry goldstein

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of The Pastoral American Utopia: An Unrealistic Lifestyle

Thesis Statement:
The contradictions of the bucolic pastoral ideal, disillusionments surrounding the American dream, and the elusive nature of the pastoral American utopia serve as justifications as to why the American pastoral dream is a universally unrealistic lifestyle.
Avenue 1: Bucolic Contradictions
Idealistic pastoral life comes with consequences
Contradictions unforeseen by people who believe pastoralism to be:
Not cause problems/stress
Avenue 3: Elusive Nature
Pastoralism is elusive in American society/culture
Major contributor to:
Unrealistic achievement and lifestyle
Avenue 2: Disillusionments
Pastoralism surrounded by disillusionments
Contribute to Americans' unlikeliness to achieve it
The Pastoral American Utopia: An Unrealistic Lifestyle
by Harrison Goldstein

American Pastoral
by Phillip Roth
the Bucolic Dream
Photo courtesy of Thirstyfish.com
Play 1:20 - 2:32
Is the American Dream Real?
Vlogbrothers - YouTube

Seymour "Swede" Levov
Successful Jewish American businessman/former high school legend athlete
Newark, New Jersey.
Swede's semmingly perfect life is ruined
Domestic social/political turmoil of '60s
Merry Levov & bomb
Infograph From Pinterest.com
“This disparity in history nonetheless shows that his pastoral dream of being the one hundred percent American is only a superficial dream,” (Gao).
What people envision:
What reality often is:
Of Mice And Men
Photo by David Ball
“Is it the American dream, or the American ego that thinks we should all be doing what we want? Should we pursue careers that satisfy us creatively and emotionally as well as, or maybe even in lieu of, financial security?” (Adamo).
“American virtues then seem in conflict with the American dream—a dream that has long been under scrutiny and parody in this country but that still exists as the ideal,” (Adamo).
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