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Directory of UC faculty/staff with international experience

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Jason Blackard

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Directory of UC faculty/staff with international experience

Directory of University of Cincinnati Faculty and Staff with International Health Experience
Jason T. Blackard, PhD
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine, Digestive Diseases
Director of the Office of Global Health
MSB 7210, 231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 558-4389
Email: jason.blackard@uc.edu

Dr. Blackard has international experience with conferences and activity agreements in China and Europe. He facilitates two classes that travel to Ghana and South Africa and has extensive research and writing experience in Africa. He is the faculty advisor for the Globe Med student group and has been a host to several study abroad students.
Jordan B. Bonomo, MD
Assistant Professor Clinician
Emergency Medicine
MSB 6000, 231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 558-0652
Email: bonomojb@ucmail.uc.edu
Dr. Bonomo has been a neuro-intensivist for the UC Neuroscience Institute since 2009, and is the director for the Division of Critical Care in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Bonomo co-founded and continues to lead UC Health Team Haiti, accompanying multiple teams of health care providers affiliated with UC to serve in Port-au-Prince each year.
Drew D. Boyd, MBA
Assistant Professor Educator
Lindner 420, 2925 Campus Green Dr.
Tel: (513) 556-4587
Email: drew.boyd@uc.edu
Aimin Chen, PhD
Assistant Professor
Environmental Health
Kettering 162, 160 Panzeca Way
Tel: (513)558-2129
Email: aimin.chen@uc.edu

Dr. Chen resides in the department of epidemiology and has experience researching environmental health concerns in China and sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Chen’s primary research interest is perinatal and pediatric epidemiology, studying environmental chemicals and reproductive and neurodevelopmental outcomes, preterm birth, and obesity. He has conducted epidemiologic research on DDT, isoflavones, lead, mercury, cadmium, and tobacco smoke.
Divaker Choubey, PhD
Environmental Health
Kettering 246, 160 Panzeca Way
Tel: (513) 558-1014
Email: choubedr@ucmail.uc.edu
Dr. Choubey served as an expert reviewer of grant applications from the International Research Funding Agencies in the UK and Hong Kong. Dr. Choubey’s current research interests include the role of the Ifi200-family genes in the development of autoimmunity, inflammation, and associated diseases.
Douglas P. Collins, MD
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Family Medicine
HPB 141, 3255 Eden Avenue
Tel: (513)558-4021
Email: collindu@ucmail.uc.edu
Dr. Collins works in the family medicine residency program as a Global Health instructor and refugee health screening and travel clinic director. He has participated in UC global health work in Honduras and Jamaica. He served for 9 years in Cambodia and serves currently on the international non-profit affiliated with his work there. He holds a Certificate of Tropical Medicine and Traveler’s Health (CTropMed) from the ASTMH.
Jocelyn M. Logan, MD
Assistant Professor Clinician
Surgery - General
SRU 1466, 3227 Levine Dr.
Tel: (513)558-4555
Email: jocelyn.collins@uc.edu
Randall R. Cottrell, DEd, MCHES
Professor Emeritus
Health Promotion and Education
Teachers 526C, 2610 McMicken Cir.
Tel: (513) 556-3335
Email: randall.cottrell@uc.edu
Dr. Cottrell received a Fulbright Scholar Award to teach at Zhejiang University in China. He has conducted research and published in the areas of worksite health promotion, coordinated school health, and program evaluation. He has written textbooks on stress management, weight control, foundations of the profession, and most recently research methods.
Adekunle H. Dawodu, MBBS
Director, International Patient Care and Education
CCHMC, 3333 Burnett Ave
Tel: (513)636-966
Email: adekunle.dawodu@cchmc.org
Dr. Dawodu works at Children's Hospital and has research experience in the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. His specialties include international child health; neonatology; perinatal epidemiology; perinatal and pediatric vitamin D and calcium metabolism.
Tiffiny L. Diers, MD
Associate Professor Clinician
Internal Medicine - General
MSB 6603, 231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 558-7581
Email: tiffiny.diers@uc.edu
Cinnamon Dixon, DO MPH
Assistant Professor Clinician
Emergency Medicine, Global Health
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513)803-6118
Email: dixonco@ucmail.uc.edu
Charles R. Doarn, MBA
Research Professor
Family Medicine Research
VPCADMIN 314, 2220 Victory Pkwy
Tel: (513) 558-6148
Email: charles.doarn@uc.edu
Professor Drew Boyd was the conference chairman and keynote speaker in Switzerland at the Pharma Brand Summit in 2011. He spent 17 years at Johnson & Johnson working in marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and international development. Today, he trains, consults, and speaks widely in the fields of innovation, persuasion, and social media. His work has been featured in numerous business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Industry Week, Psychology Today, and Strategy+Business.
Mark H. Eckman, MD
Internal Medicine
MSB 5564, 231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 558-7581
Email: mark.eckman@uc.edu
Gordon Gillespie, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
Professional Studies Team
Proctor 223, 3110 Vine St.
Tel: (513)558-5236
Email: gordon.gillespie@uc.edu
Brett M. Harnett, MS, IS
Stetson 4256, 260 Stetson St.
Tel: (513) 558-2725
Email: harnetbm@ucmail.uc.edu

Howard E. Jackson, PhD
Geo-Phys 412, 345 Clifton Ct.
Tel: (513) 556-0522
Email: howard.jackson@uc.edu
C. Jeffrey J. Jacobson, PhD
Director Graduate Studies
Braunstein 466, 2825 Campus Way
Tel: (513) 556-5780
Email: jeffrey.jacobson@uc.edu
Edna S. Kaneshiro, PhD
Distinguished Research Professor
Biological Sciences
Rieveschl 720, 318 College Dr.
Tel: (513) 556-9712
Email: kaneshes@ucmail.uc.edu

Joseph Kiesler, MD
Associate Professor Clinician
Family Medicine
HPB 142, 3255 Eden Ave
Tel: (513) 558-2095
Email: joseph.kiesler@uc.edu
Deepak G. Krishan, DDS
Assistant Professor Clinician
MSB, 231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 584-2586
Email: gopaladk@ucmail.uc.edu
David L. Lentz, PhD
Executive Director
Biological Sciences
Rieveschl 1403, 318 College Dr.
Tel: (513) 556-9733
Email: lentzdl@ucmail.uc.edu
Christopher T. Lewis, MD
Assistant Dean
Administration Operations
HPB 3255 Eden Ave
Tel: (513) 584-8600
Email: christopher.lewis@uc.edu
Min Liu, PhD
Pathology and Lab
RCA 249, 2120 Galbraith Rd.
Tel: (513) 558-4957
Email: lium@uc.edu
Bert B. Lockwood, LLM
Director, Urban Morgan Institute
Distinguished Service Professor
Law 404, 2540 Clifton Ave
Tel: (513) 556-0093
Email: bert.lockwood@uc.edu
Michael Magazine, PhD
Operations and Business Analytics
Lindner 525, 2925 Campus Green Dr.
Tel: (513) 556-7191
Email: mike.magazine@uc.edu
Donna S. Martsolf, PhD
Associate Dean
Nursing Research
Proctor 249, 3110 Vine St.
Tel: (513) 558-5196
Email: donna.martsolf@uc.edu
Sean Moore, MS, MD
Assistant Professor
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513) 803-2948
Email: moore2so@ucmail.uc.edu
Marshall H. Montrose, PhD
Molecular and Cell Physiology
MSB 4207, 231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 558-5636
Email: mhm@uc.edu
Christine J. O'Dea, MD
Assistant Professor
Family Medicine
HPB, 3255 Eden Ave
Tel: (513) 721-2221
Email: christinej.odea@uc.edu
Edward J. Otten, MD
Director Toxicology
Emergency Medicine
MSB 1551, 231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 558-8094
Email: edward.otten@uc.edu
Pramod P. Reddy, MD, MBBS
Professor Clinician
Pediatrics, Surgery
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513) 636-4975
Email: pramond.reddy@uc.edu
Tiina Reponen, PhD
Environmental Health
Kettering 426, 160 Panzeca Way
Tel: (513)558-0571
Email: tiina.reponen@uc.edu
Mark E. Rothenberg, MD, PhD
Pediatrics, Allergy/Immunology
CCHMC S6-400, 3333 Burnet Ave.
Tel: (513) 636-7177
Email: marc.rothenberg@cchmc.org

Elizabeth Schlaudecker, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513) 803-5187
Email: schlauep@ucmail.uc.edu

Jeffrey D. Schlaudecker, MD
Associate Professor
Family Medicine
HPB, 3255 Eden Ave
Tel: (513) 558-4021
Email: jeffrey.schlaudecker@uc.edu
Charles J. Schubert, MD
Professor Clinician
Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave.
Tel: (513) 636-8502
Email: chuck.schubert@cchmc.org
Manoj Sharma, MBBS, PhD
Health Promotion and Education
Teachers 526H, 2610 McMicken Cir.
Tel: (513)556-3878
Email: manoj.sharma@uc.edu
Mary Staat, MD, MPH
Professor Clinician
Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513) 636-7083
Email: mary.staat@cchmc.org
Mark C. Steinhoff, MD
Director, Global Health Center
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513) 636-1376
Email: steinhmk@ucmail.uc.edu

Kathy E. Wedig-Stevie, MD
Medical Director, Neonatologist, Good Samaritan Hospital
Medical Director, Mercy Hospital Fairfield Nurseries
Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
Tel: (513) 872-2748
Email: kathy.wedig@cchmc.org
Arnold W. Strauss, MD
Director, Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513) 636-2942
Email: strausad@ucmail.uc.edu
Steve Sunderland, PhD
Educational Foundations
DYER 480C, 2612 McMicken Cir.
Tel: (513)556-4622
Email: sundersc@ucmail.uc.edu
Jonathan Tolentino, MD
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine
MSB, 231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 558-7588
Email: tolentjl@ucmail.uc.edu
Eric N. Villegas, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
Rieveschl 614, 318 College Dr.
Tel: (513) 569-7017
Email: villegec@ucmail.uc.edu

Brian E. Volck, MD
Adjunct Assistant Professor
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513)636-4506
Email: brian.volck@uc.edu
Russell Ware, MD, PhD
CCHMC, 3333 Burnet Ave
Tel: (513) 803-4597
Email: russell.ware@uc.edu
Tina Weitkamp, MSN, RNC
Associate Professor Clinician
Nursing, Professional Studies
Proctor 257, 3110 Vine St.
Tel: (513)558-5271
Email: tina.weitkamp@uc.edu
Guy-Lucien S. Whembolua, PhD
Africana Studies
French-West, 2815 Commons Way
Tel: (513) 556-2423
Email: gl.whembolua@uc.edu
Sarah Winston-Bush, MD
Assistant Professor Clinician
STETSON, 260 Stetson St.
Tel: (513) 558-2968
Email: winstosa@ucmail.uc.edu

Victoria Wulsin, MD, DrPH
Tel: (513) 357-7289
Jagjit Yadav, PhD
Environmental Health
Kettering 137, 160 Panzeca Way
Tel: (513) 558-4806
Email: jagjit.yadav@uc.edu
Michael L. Zaretsky, M Arch
Associate Professor
DAAP 7207, 346 Clifton Ct.
Tel: (513) 556-4983
Email: michael.zaretsky@uc.edu
Dr. Diers has experience in Latin America and works with the Latino Health Collaborative. Her research interests include women's health, evidence-based medicine and care of underserved populations, ambulatory education, curricular development and resident evaluation, graduate medical education and health care disparities.
Dr. Eckman has completed public health research in France. His research interests include the development of patient-specific decision support tools, cost-effectiveness analysis, and the continued study and development of new decision analytic methods. He has also interested in attempting to use quantitative methods to help make decisions about the allocation of increasingly scarce health care resources.
Dr. Schlaudecker has experience in Cameroon. His research interests include family medicine, hospital medicine, and geriatrics.
Dr. Lewis is a family physician and adjunct professor. In 2004 he founded Village Life Outreach, a non-profit working to improve health and education in impoverished villages in Tanzania. Dr. Lewis has also worked abroad in Honduras and El Salvador and is active in the community. In 2009 and 2012 he was nominated for the Association of American Medical Colleges "Humanism in Medicine" award.
Dr. Tolentino has experience with immigrant care. Specializing in the field of Internal Medicine / Pediatrics, Dr. Tolentino is prepared to practice both internal medicine and pediatrics, providing ongoing and comprehensive medical care for those of all ages by drawing on training in both medical specialties. Dr. Tolentino is able to provide care in a family context, utilizing vast knowledge in both fields to provide a unique spectrum of care.
Dr. Winston Bush has been a part of brigades to Haiti, Tanzania, and Guatemala. She was a part of and a co coordinator for UC Team Haiti for several years. As an emergency physician, she has had the opportunity to work in both hospital and rural settings abroad. She continues her work by serving as the director for global health outreach for the University of Cincinnati Emergency Medicine Residency Program.
Dr. Jacobson has experience with family medicine in Honduras and research in Puerto Rico. He teaches courses on medical anthropology and Caribbean ethnography among others.
Tina Weitkamp has experience in Ecuador, Tanzania, and Honduras and has set up multiple projects for undergraduate nursing students. She is director of the College of Nursing’s Center for International Affairs and has served on the board of advisors for the Village Life Outreach Project since 2007.
Dr. Wedig-Stevie is heavily involved in the Cincinnati sister cities program, particularly in Munich with the medical student exchange program. Her specialties include neonatal high risk infant follow-up and developmental follow-up.
Dr. Steinhoff is the director of the CCHMC global health center. His current research interest is the use of childhood vaccines in countries with limited resources. Working with colleagues in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, he is evaluating the burden of disease due to vaccine-preventable infections. The intent is to assess the need for and likely effect of vaccines now widely used in wealthy countries, to improve the health of children in South Asia.
Dr. Schlaudecker was awarded a Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health in 2009, and she investigated the etiology and seasonality of viral respiratory disease in Honduran children under the age of five. She was awarded the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Blue Ribbon Research award in 2011 for similar work in Bangladesh. After joining the faculty of Cincinnati Children's in 2011, she continued her influenza research with a Procter Scholars award. Dr. Schlaudecker has traveled to Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Kenya, South Africa, and Cameroon as part of her clinical and research training.
Dr. Moore works for the Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition laboratory, which is broadly interested in the reciprocal cycle of childhood diarrhea and malnutrition, with a current focus on the mechanisms of a promising glutamine-based oral rehydration and nutrition therapy. They participate in epidemiologic studies of early childhood diarrhea and undernutrition with colleagues at the Federal University of Ceará in Fortaleza, Brazil and the University of Virginia.

Dr. Otten is a Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics and Director of the Division of Toxicology. His experience includes Disaster Medical Assistance Team Medical Chief Officer; he has responded to natural and man-made disasters in Japan, Haiti, Turkey, and throughout the U.S. for the past 25 years. He is the past president of the Wilderness Medical Society, which trains hundreds of physicians, nurses, and allied health providers for response to emergencies in austere environments. He is a charter member for the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care and develops medical guidelines for the Department of Defense combat medicine in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other combat theaters.
Dr. Yadav’s research program focuses on microbial pathogenesis and toxicogenomic research as related to environmental health. Dr. Yadav has a wide-ranging experience in international academic activities. He has been a member of the International Board of the American Society of Microbiology and was recognized for his outstanding service in this role to the Committee on Global Engagement, at the 113th ASM General meeting in Denver, Co in 2013. He was the lead plenary speaker at the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the Association of Microbiologists of India in 2013. Dr. Yadav has been a founder member of the review process for Indo-US Professorship program of the ASM and has recently hosted a Visiting Indo-US professor in his research laboratory in 2014. He is currently an ASM mentor for international students. In addition, Dr. Yadav is a regular reviewer of research grants for International foundations in Czech Republic, Hong Kong, and South Africa and has been an editorial member and reviewer for different international journals in his field of research.
Dr. Reponen has experience in Finland as a distinguished professor and has completed research on technological developments for mold detection and identification in indoor environments.She is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional, and in her field studies, she is collaborating with epidemiologists in investigating the health effects of particle and bioaerosol exposures.
Dr. Sharma has experience with research projects in China, Italy, Vietnam, Mongolia and India in the areas of community-based rehabilitation, social cognitive theory and childhood obesity, needs assessments of factory workers and essentials of international health.
Dr. Martsolf developed a baccalaureate nursing program in Haiti. Martsolf, whose research focus is interpersonal violence and health outcomes, joined the UC College of Nursing faculty in January 2012 to become the associate dean of research and translation.

Professor Harnett joined the faculty at the University of Cincinnati in 2004. Prior to joining UC, Brett was the Director of Experimental Information Technology for a NASA-sponsored medical research program in Virginia. He directed numerous international projects including research on Mt. Everest, the Arctic Circle, Russia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Ecuador and islands in the Caribbean. Recently he won a faculty development award to participate at the European Medical Informatics conference in Pisa, Italy.
Dr. Deepak Krishnan has been an Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery in the Division of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Cincinnati since August of 2008. Prior to coming to UC, Dr. Krishnan received his Graduate in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), from Bangalore University, India, which is recognized by American Dental Association. He completed his residency training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Emory University and his fellowship training at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Krishnan's research and clinical interests are in surgical correction of dento-facial deformities, surgery of temporomandibular joint, pediatric maxillofacial surgery, oral and maxillofacial implantology, dento-alveolar surgery, facial trauma, maxillofacial pathology and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Krishnan has experience in cleft lip/palate rotation in India.
Dr. Kaneshiro has done research on opportunistic protists in Brazil and Cameroon. Her research interests include ECBR, cellular physiology cell biology, and biochemistry; and structure and function of free-living, opportunistic and parasitic eukaryotic protists with an emphasis on lipids.
Dr. Lentz was a Fulbright Scholar in medical botany and paleothnobotany in Honduras. Dr. Lentz’ research interests focus on the human use of plants, both wild and domesticated, and how humans modify landscapes through time. He has conducted field research in many areas of North America, Central America and Central Asia. He has studied indigenous groups of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Mexico and El Salvador, as well as those of the southwestern and southeastern US. Much of his work has focused on the ancient Maya and Olmec, studying the differences in dietary habits among groups of varying economic status and how cultures manipulated their environment through their agricultural and other land–use practices.
Dr. Villegas has completed research in Peru.
Dr. Liu has experience with obesity prevention and treatment research in China. Dr. Liu's laboratory is currently studying the role of hypothalamic apolipoprotein AIV (apo AIV) in the development of obesity and how it can be modulated for preventive and therapeutic purposes.

Michael J. Magazine is currently Professor of Operations and Business Analytics and Ohio Eminent Scholar in the College of Business. Dr. Magazine has completed research in Canada on access and flow in healthcare clinics; his research interests include supply chain management, scheduling and other applications of manufacturing and health systems.
Dr. Montrose has experience sealing epithelial gaps in Germany and the UK. His laboratory is interested in the cellular and sub-cellular physiology of epithelial cells lining the gastrointestinal tract.
Michael Zaretsky is an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture and Interior Design in DAAP, a licensed Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional. Michael Zaretsky designed and established the Roche Health Center, the first permanent health center in Roche, Tanzania.
Dr. Jackson has completed research in Australia on nanowires for spintronics and optoelectronics applications. He has served as both Vice President of Research and as University Dean of the Graduate School. He is currently an active member of the Academy of Fellows of Teaching and Learning.
Pramod P. Reddy, MD, is a pediatric and fetal urologist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the Cincinnati Fetal Center. His special interests include kidney stones; ESWL; genitourinary surgery; and clinical trials. Dr. Reddy has experience with reconstructive surgeries in pediatric urology and performs surgeries in India for two weeks a year.
Bert Lockwood, professor in the UC College of Law, has had an active career in human rights. In 1978, he co-founded the International Human Rights Law Group in Washington, DC. (now Global Rights), and became the director for the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights in 1979. He has participated in numerous human rights missions and is the editor of the Human Rights Quarterly. Professor Lockwood was a Visiting Professor at the University of Essex in Colchester in 1994 and 2002.
Lisa K. Meloncon, PhD
Associate Professor
English and Comparative Literature
McMicken 229B, 2700 Campus Way
Tel: (513) 556-3034
Email: lisa.meloncon@uc.edu
Dr. Meloncon is the director of the urban health research center. Her research interests include medical rhetoric, technical and professional communication, health communication, environmental health communication, visual rhetoric, space/place, health literacy, and transdisciplinary research methods.
Michael J. Widener, PhD
Assistant Professor
Braustein 401, 2825 Campus Way
Tel: (513) 556-2849
Email: michael.widener@uc.edu
Dr. Widener is an urban health geographer with interests in Geographic Information Science (GIS), urban health services, EMS transportation, and access to healthcare. He maintains active collaborations on these topics with researchers in Belgium, China, and Canada.
Dr. Rothenberg heads research efforts with Israel. His research is focused on molecular analysis of allergic inflammation, primarily on the molecular pathogenesis of eosinophilic esophagitis. His laboratory takes a multi-disciplinary approach including the development of preclinical murine models: genetics, genomics, molecular immunology, and biochemistry.
Dr. Strauss is a distinguished pediatric cardiologist, scientist, educator and leader. A respected scientist, Dr. Strauss' research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of disorders of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation and the genetic causes of congenital heart disease and cardiomyopathies.
Steve Sunderland is professor of peace and educational studies in the Educational Studies Program. Dr. Sunderland has conducted research on grief responses of individuals, families, and children. He is co-founder of Fernside: Cincinnati Center for Grieving Children, Parents of Murdered Children, and Survivors After Suicide. He continues as a grief consultant to many organizations including the federal courts, Oprah, and the City of Cincinnati. He traveled to Indonesia after the tsunami to participate in disaster relief and served as a conflict resolution specialist after the Cincinnati riots in 2001. He is founder and advisor of a student group called Peace Village.
Charles Doarn is a research professor in UC’s Department of Family and Community Medicine and a core faculty member of the MPH program where he teaches courses on Global and International Health Systems. Professor Doarn has worked in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand, and the Middle East on healthcare issues through the integration of technology. He was a Fulbright Specialist in Macedonia, is an editor- in-chief of Telemedicine and E-Health, and regularly contributes to 28 peer-reviewed journals. He is currently working with NATO on a Multinational Telemedicine System for disaster response.
Dr. Schubert is a Professor of Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (CCHMC) in the Division of Emergency Medicine. He has spent significant time in Zambia and Malawi and directs the Global Health Residency Program at CCHMC. He was also one of the founders of the Global Health Pediatric Educators which is a national pediatric residency education group developing curriculum and defining best practices for residents completing global health rotations.
Keith A. King, PhD
Health Promotion and Education
Teachers 526E
Tel: (513) 556-3859
Email: keith.king@uc.edu

Dr. O'Dea spent 5 years in rural family medicine practice in Northern Wisconsin and then moved with her family and small children to rural Honduras where she spent two years as a volunteer family physician with the NGO Shoulder to Shoulder. She is the Director of Global Health Education in the Christ Hospital/University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Residency program. She has a clinical practice at Crossroads Health Center and she is active in underserved and Latino health.
Cinnamon Dixon is a research faculty; her research interests include global pediatric injury prevention and trauma care and dog bite prevention. Her current projects include the development and testing of a novel intervention for child safety utilizing multimedia technology, and pediatric trauma epidemiology in Campinas, Brazil. Dr. Dixon is a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Violence and Injury Prevention where she has co-lead/authored multiple global injury prevention fact sheets and teaching modules. She is the lead coordinator and author for the Global Child Injury Module for the American Academy of Pediatrics Global Child Health Education Modules Project. Dr. Dixon was former intern at the WHO and a Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, Systems Improvement at District Hospitals and Regional Training of Emergency Care in Ghana scholarship awardee. Dr. Dixon has authored several original manuscripts and books chapters, and speaks regularly at national and international conferences regarding her work and the need for increased global child injury prevention.
Dr. Gillespie’s research is focused on the prevention of workplace violence in healthcare settings. During his 17 years of professional nursing experience, he responded to countless incidents of patients, visitors, and coworkers involved in violent altercations. During this tenure, he became cognizant of how the lack of effective communication and the general work environment contributed to acts of violence. Based on these experiences and the desire to prevent future violent events enacted against healthcare workers, he conducted several studies addressing the problem of healthcare workers being victimized by patients and visitors (verbal abuse, threats, physical assaults) and coworkers (bullying). He has conducted research in Cuba and Jordan.
Dr. Kiesler is currently the Associate Residency Director and Underserved Health Director for the Christ Hospital / University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Residency Program and works as a physician with the Healthcare for the Homeless program. He trains medical students and resident physicians to care for vulnerable populations, directing the medical student elective in Poverty, Justice and Health and the underserved curriculum for Family Medicine residents His areas of interest include neighborhoods and health, healthcare for the homeless and community advocacy for vulnerable populations. In 2003/2004, Dr. Kiesler started a free clinic for workers that live and work on the backside of a local horse race track. The clinic has provided this uninsured, migrant worker population with needed medical care as well as offering the family medicine residents and medical students an opportunity to serve the community and learn medicine.
Dr. Keith A. King is a Professor of Health Promotion at the University of Cincinnati. His research and teaching emphases include child and adolescent health promotion, suicide, violence, and substance abuse prevention, school health education, sexuality education and teen pregnancy prevention, survey development and program evaluation. Dr. King teaches a variety of courses including Human Sexuality, Mental Health, Survey Research and Reading and Analyzing Health Education Research. Dr. King has published more than 70 professional articles in peer-reviewed journals and has presented more than 180 professional papers at international, national and regional health conferences.
Mary Allen Staat, MD, MPH, is director of the International Adoption Center and a member of the Infectious Disease Division at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
Dr. Staat is a board-certified pediatrician and is also board-certified in Infectious Disease and Preventive Medicine. She is an associate professor of Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati and a faculty member of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation.
Dr. Volck worked as a general pediatrician for the Indian Health Service from 1989-1994, at a Federally Qualified Community Health Center from 1994-1996, and with a university-based medicine/pediatrics residency program from 1996-2009. His global health service includes medical work in Honduras and the Navajo Nation. His medical education innovations include: founding and teaching a medical student elective on literature and medicine; planning and serving as co-founding faculty in the Initiative in Poverty, Justice and Health, which introduces medical students and primary-care residents to the care of persons in poverty; and assisting in the development of a global child health track within the pediatric residency program.
Russell Ware has been involved with a wide variety of clinical and translational hematology research projects for over 25 years, but his primary interests have focused on sickle cell disease. Dr. Ware has substantial personal experience with directing patient-oriented research, and he currently runs an NIH-funded laboratory effort that investigates genetic modifiers of sickle cell disease. Most recently, Dr. Ware has moved his research efforts into the international arena, starting SCD pilot screening programs in Angola, and now conducting clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of hydroxyurea in developing countries.
From 1989-1995, Dr. Wulsin was Director of Epidemiology in the Cincinnati Health Department. From 1986-2001, she worked in various capacities for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In April 2003, Wulsin founded SOTENI International,a non-profit organization to fight AIDS in Africa. It has its headquarters in Cincinnati and an office in Kenya. SOTENI assists those women and orphans who have been most affected by the AIDS pandemic. On 26 January 2011 during the award of a charter to the Mount Kenya University in Thika, Wulsin was installed as its first Chancellor.
Dr. Guy-Lucien S. Whembolua is currently the director of the Africana Health Research laboratory, a global health laboratory. As a behavioral scientist, his research agenda focuses on African/ Afro-Caribbean immigrant health (in Europe and in the US) and public health in the African continent and the Caribbean region. He is the faculty adviser to undergraduate students studying abroad and teaches courses on global health and African health among others. His current projects focus on health behaviors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and among the Congolese diaspora. He is the current Program Chair of the American Public Health Association Caucus on Refugee and Immigrant Health.
Pankaj Desai, PhD
210 Wherry Hall
Tel: (513) 558-3870
Email: pankaj.desai@uc.edu
Pankaj B. Desai is currently Professor and Director of the Drug Development Graduate Program in the College of Pharmacy. His research interests include pre-clinical and clinical studies on drug metabolism, transport and pharmacokinetics. After completing his BS and MS degrees in India, he joined the doctoral program at the University of South Carolina. He has been at UC for 18 years and enjoys traveling internationally.
Brett Kissela, MD
Professor and Chair
Neurology and Rehabilitation
Stetson 2300, 260 Stetson St.
Tel: (513) 558-5445
Email: kisselbm@ucmail.uc.edu
Yi-Gang Wang, PhD
Associate Professor
UC Cardiovascular Diseases Center
CVC 1933
Tel: (513) 558-5798
Email: yi-gang.wang@uc.edu
Laura Woollett, PhD
Metabolic Diseases Institute
RCA 248
2120 E. Galbraith Rd
Tel: (513) 558-3969
Email: laura.woollett@uc.edu
Dr. Kissela is currently a professor of neurology as well as Chair of the department of neurology and rehabilitation medicine at the UC College of Medicine. He has been the co-director of the Stroke Recovery Center at Drake since 2008, and a member of the University of Cincinnati Stroke team since 2000. The neuroscience department currently has an activity agreement with the Universidad Peruana Cayetano.
Over the past two decades, Dr. Wang's research in cardiovascular pathophysiology and therapies has focused on three areas: 1) effect of various additive agents of cardioplegic solution on functional cardiac restoration, 2) ischemic preconditioning against ischemia/reperfusion injury, its molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways, and 3) progenitor cell based cell therapy for treatment of myocardial infarction.Dr. Wang obtained his medical degree in China and his doctorate in Japan and has experience working in China.
Dr. Woollett’s laboratory studies the pregnant female and their offspring (in utero and in adulthood). Dr. Woollett was awarded a $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations grant through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for a study of maternal cholesterol and its connection to fetal growth. She partnered with Andrew Prentice, PhD, and Sophie Moore, PhD, of the MRC International Nutrition Group in The Gambia, "Improving Fetal Growth Rates in Developing Countries.”
Bruce Yacyshyn, MD
Professor, Digestive Diseases
MSB 6559
231 Albert Sabin Way
Tel: (513) 558-7200
Email: yacyshbr@ucmail.uc.edu
Dr. Yacyshyn is a Board Certified gastroenterologist, F.R.C.P.C., and also serves as Professor of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Alberta in Canada and undertook his gastroenterology training at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Mo. Dr. Yacyshyn is an accomplished general gastroenterologist and researcher with a special interest in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), gut inflammation and functional bowel disorders. Dr Yacyshyn and his wife, a Ph.D. in immunology, have a research laboratory focusing on diseases of the GI tract. Dr. Yacyshyn is also a professor at Xiangya International Academy of Translational Medicine at Central South University in Changsa China.
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