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Seton Hall University - Freshmen Roommate Selection

A step-by-step guide to Freshmen Roommate Selection for those who deposited by May 1st. Freshmen Roommate Selection will take place beginning May 5th and will continue through June. All roommate requests must be made by July 1st using this process.

Cheryl Janus

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Seton Hall University - Freshmen Roommate Selection

About Room Assignments
From the main SHU website click on PirateNet and log in.
The Housing Profile is located under the Profile & Finances tab on PirateNet.
Click on Access your Housing Profile.
Access your Housing Profile
Search for your Desired Roommate
Click Room Selection>>Roommate Selection.
Type in your desired roommate's name or ID number.
You may select up to 2 roommates.
Note: You can only select from other students of the same gender who also qualify
Roommates Must Match
Your desired roommate(s) must also request you.
The roommate selection will not be complete until all students involved say "MATCHES".
How to select a roommate for freshman year
(For students with who deposited by May 1st only)

Found a friend you treasure?
Make them your roommate!

Log Into PirateNet
All roommate requests must be submitted by July 1st. No exceptions can be made.
Assignments are made randomly to freshmen halls and to the rooms within them.
30% of our rooms are triples so even if you only request 1 roommate, you may be assigned a third person.
We do not accept room type or building requests.
If you wish to cancel your roommate request, you may log into your Housing Profile at anytime before July 1st and remove the match.
Room assignments and roommates will be emailed to your SHU Email account in mid July.
For more information, follow us on Facebook or Twitter @SetonHallHRL
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