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Revolutionary War: The Battle of Trenton

Social Studies project on The Battle of Trenton

Hossain broBEANZ

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Revolutionary War: The Battle of Trenton



The Continental Army
Washington's army included soldiers, horses, arsenals, and wagons

When lined up his soldiers were about the size of one mile

Washington had only 2,400 men in his army to attack the Hessians
The Journey to Trenton
The Journey to Trenton
Crossing The Delaware
Washington and the 2,400 men with him crossed the Delaware River in the dawn of December 26, 1776.
Washington and his troops reach the outskirts of the Hessian-occupied city of Trenton on December 26, 1776

Rumor that the Hessians were drunk - False
The Outskirts of Hessian-occupied Trenton
Captain John Mott and a few other citizens joined Washington and served as guides because they knew the terrain

Once the Americans crossed Jacobs Creek, the army split into two groups
The Continental Army marched in three columns to Trenton

Washington marched in the middle column himself
Washington planned to attack by 3 routes that led to Trenton were they would split up into two groups to launch a predawn attack
On the Way to Hessian-occupied Trenton
The Beginning of the Battle
At 8 a.m. on December 26, 1776, Washington's army fired on a Hessian outpost one mile away from Trenton

A Hessian bell rung calling soldiers to arms

3 Hessian regiments sprung into action forming ranks
Thoughts of the soldiers
Many soldiers thought they wouldn't make it threw the winter and get to Trenton

Quite a few soldiers also thought they didn't stand a chance against the Hessians, but Washington never doubted victory
Why was this an important victory?
First, Washington's troops captured more than 900 Hessian soldiers and officers

Second, Washington and his troops captured a large supply of arsenal and much needed supplies.
What an arsenal is...?
A collection or supply of weapons or munitions

Every one of Washington's troops carried about 60 rounds of ammunition and three days of rations (food and other supplies)



Hessian Leaders
Hessian Forces
18th century German soldiers were contracted under
The Crown of the British Empire
, but could be hired by anyone, mainly by kings and princes

About 33,000 Hessian soldiers were stationed in the Thirteen Colonies during the Revolutionary War

Jägers and other reinforcements arrive to help the Hessians

General Sullivan and Greene block off the route to Princeton and unleashed a devastating blow to Hessian forces
The Battle
Remaining Hessians surrender to the Continental Army
Prezi is presented to you by: Hossain, Todd, and Noah!
It was said that he received a letter from a loyalist who saw Washington's forces near Trenton, but he dismissed it

In fact, the letter was later found in his coat-pocket when he died, unopened
Had 7 battalions at Trenton and Bordentown who's main camp was at Bordentown

Before the battle, he tried to warn his Major General James Grant, but Grant dismissed it
Johann Rall
Count Carl von Donop
Overall summary----->
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