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India Mission Trip 2013

No description

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of India Mission Trip 2013

India Mission Trip 2013

Luke 10:2 "The harvest is plentiful the workers are few"

Journey to India
Bangalore New Life Children's Home
Brother John Peter started the children's home after seeing children being orphaned, abandoned and subjected to child labor
2003 – Generous donor purchased 1.5 acres of prime land
August 2011 – secured $310,000 in US donation and $1 million loan to begin work
July 2012 – dedicated new school which:
Accommodates 1,000 students
Has state-of-the-art science and computer labs, a library and athletic facilities
Accommodates 150 children (currently 77 children live here)

Deepika's Story
15 year old girl living in children's home
Meeting Our Sponsor Children
Medical and Eye Glass Clinics
- 4 Medical clinics (2 in Bangalore and 2 in Chittoor)
- We provided blood pressure and blood glucose checks, patients saw an Indian doctor,
gave 7-30 days worth of medication, eye glasses, and prayer
- Dispensed over 800 prescriptions
- Most common aliments: headaches, body aches, stomach issues, worms, diabetes
and hypertension
Jayaprakash (13 yo) was telling one of our team members about his headaches at the window. He came 15 minutes before the clinic ended, but was able to sneak in to receive some glasses! But God didn't stop there...
Chittoor Clinics
The Need of the Gospel
in India
Every major world religion is represented in India
Represent 80.5% of the population

- Introduced the caste system and the "untouchables," Karma, belief of reincarnation and Yoga
Represent 13.4% of the population
Represent 2.3% of the population
Represent 1.9% of the population
Buddhists, Jains, Parasi and other religions
Represent the remaining 1.9%
Surrendra's Story
a waiter we meet at the Oriental Spice Restaurant
Bangalore Clinic
Rajeshwari 's Story
-Young Talitha Cumi woman who completed her 6 months of training while we visited
- Widow, with two small children
Talitha Cumi Women's Ministry
Six month program provides abandoned women with tailoring skills and Bible study
First half hour spent hearing the Gospel, singing and fellowship
Remaining time spent teaching tailoring and use of sewing machine
Upon completion, 90% of women will obtain job in a garment factory, remaining women start their own businesses in their homes
Rajeshwari smiles again!
God answers prayer and we could be apart of that answer!
Talitha Cumi Graduation
Did you know that?
1.3 billion people live in India
one out six people in the world live in India
18 million children are on the streets in India without food, clothing, shelter or basic education
one in three mal-nourished children worldwide are in India
India Transformed is hoping for change...
Began in 1988, when John Peter saw a need to serve street children and destitute women and started planting churches

Twenty-five years later they reach out in three ways:

1) “Talitha Cumi” Women’s empowerment program
2) Children’s Homes and community-based childcare
3) Community Transformation Center

Meeting the Children
Kalaiveni - one of the teachers for Talitha Cumi
Bangalore Clinic
Meet our doctors from the local Baptist Hospital
He knew nothing about Jesus, so we shared about God's love for him and Pastor David prayed with him.
Village Churches
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