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Digital Day Feb 2010


tom disapia

on 28 June 2011

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Transcript of Digital Day Feb 2010

Digital Day 2010 Mobile Video Social Search Social Measurement History & Crime online stats Numbers Time Activities Mobile Second screen Trends on viewing Nielsen Survery showed that those exposed only to pre-roll had an 11% increased aided recall for ads over standard display. Nearly one quarter of UK adults watch online catch-up TV VOD Market Place Increased supply has slashed rates People tend to find them more relevant and therefore less intrusive: 70% of people in a survey of 5,000 Europeans found it acceptable for a video ad to be shown before an online video (iab) Online video advertising spend for pre/mid/post-roll has grown in the UK to almost £12 million for the first half of 2009, close to 200% growth in 12 months Pre-rolls on long form premium content outperform TV on gneral ad recal, brand linkage and message linkage However, those exposed to both pre-roll and display ads had the highest aided brand awareness (additional 10%) Main reasons to watch TV are because you forgot to watch or to catch up on the current season Hulu CEO Jason Kilar says viewers prefer the single long advertisement by a 2-to-1 ratio over a bunch of short ads interspersed throughout a video. Has been expensive (5x display ads) IAB is standardising the video specs to make it simpler to buy across multiple supliers But... Mobile advertising sector
increased by 99.2% year on year in
2009 (UK)… (iab 2009) “Mobile advertising is poised for a huge revolution” (Google) Advertising

Opportunities Mobile search – growing 8 times faster than internet
12 million people used mobile search in the UK in 2009 Campaign successfully targeted 16-24 females whilst engaging new and existing viewers to LIVING’s BNTM

Pre & post engagement communications show an increase of 62% of viewers stating that they had tuned in to watch the series Living TV: Britain’s Next Top Model The friend receives apersonalised mobilevideo telling them that theTerminators are hijackingtheir phone and are in theimmediate vicinity.

The video shows their name, mobile number and a map of their location. Facebook is now the most-visited social network on the mobile Web
Unique users of Facebook grew more than 600% during 2009
Twitter saw its usage increase more than any other social network (2800% in just one year) "The divide between the mobile web and the web accessed on PCs is now disappearing. People want to use the same sites, regardless of whether they use a phone or PC to access those sites." (Jon von Tetzchner, co founder of Opera) Bravo will begin offering Foursquare players “badges” and special prizes when viewers visit more than 500 Bravo locations

The locations will be picked by Bravo to correspond with select Bravo shows including “The Real Housewives,” “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” “Top Chef,” “Kell on Earth,” “Top Chef Masters” and “Shear Genius.” Clever
stuff Nike ID: Photo Transformers What's holding mobile back? Source: iab mobile Augmented

Reality iPad:

the future of press? What next for the web? Display "Online display up 11% as
cheap rates draw in advertisers" (Q2 2009) "Social networks accounted for 25% of all online display ad impressions in August, according to figures from ComScore Ad Metrix." "Display advertising accounted for 18.1% of online
advertising in H1 2009, with £316.5m spent across all display formats throughout Jan-June 2009." Advertising networks Demographic Behavioral Contextual Geographic re-targeting Age
Household Income
Household Type
Ethnicity Segment users into Behavioral groups
Show relevant ads to desired group
On cheaper inventory Nice ads. Is this what consumers want? "Publishers are starting to experiment with the cost-per-engagement model as the recession spurs media owners to explore new ways of trading"
(Future’s digital commercial director, Kurt Edwards) Rich or standard adverts? Impressions Increased by low CPM's, Ad Networks Reach Increased by low frequencies or high total impressions Increase engagement Cost per engagement models cut out CPM and CPC
Interaction rates, expansions
Dwell time, complete video views, Complete actions
Share video content, comment Where are we driving consumers? Website: number of landings, pages viewed per visit, dwell time, drop off rates
Facebook page: volume, engagement, community quality score, demographics, geography, sharing
Youtube channel: Videos viewed (total), video drop off rates, demographics, volumes and sharing Final action Number of viewers
Pre & post awareness surveys (brand tracking etc)
Often free if you spend a large amount with one media owner or through dynamic logic (or others) Benchmarking Is social media a fad? (2008 /2009) Dew Labs "Spending on internet advertising grew by 4.6% year- on-year on a like-for-like basis" Convergence? Google vs Facebook? Cloud Computing? Data linkage? Mobile and location? Advertsing on Twitter Companies like Ad.ly offer Twitter advertising through well connected users tweets.... Habitat: Litter Twitter Eurostar fail to respond Case study pool Channel 4 Decodes Customer Engagement Audience participation was a complex yet empty process.

Traditional online measurement practices were inadequate. Customer engagement framework Video Aggregators Dilution of audience? Increased supply so lower price? Tom diSapia Feb 2010
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