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Research Assignment:

No description

Jason Muniz

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of Research Assignment:

You will be creating a document analysis assignment, then answering questions about it.
All document analysis assignments include information about the source. Yours must include that too.
If you can't think of a topic, use one of the posters around the room with a sticky note as a subject.
Next, research the subject using
. You will need to find an article online about your subject that describes an oppression.
In this class you have annotated and answered questions on more than a dozen documents.
Research Project
Unit 4
For the Unit 4 Research Project you will now be challenged to make a document analysis assignment on your own!
Don't Stress! If you have spent any time working on the Google Classroom research assignments, you've already been practicing.
First, choose a subject for your research. Your subject must have experienced oppression in some way.
Then, go to
. Click the link to open the assignment titled "Research Project Directions."
Follow the step-by-step directions you find very carefully. If you get confused you can always watch this video for help.
Before you start to answer the questions, don't forget to ANNOTATE!
The last question is new. You will need to locate where your subject's story happened on google maps. Then, share a link to that map.
When you are done, share the doc you created in the way the directions say.
Any Questions???
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