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Back to School Night

No description

Adam Johnson

on 21 September 2018

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Transcript of Back to School Night

Social Emotional Learning
Aprendizaje Socioemocional
How are your children graded?
¿Cómo se califican sus hijos?
How can you help your child?
¿Cómo puede ayudar a su hij@?

What are your children learning?
¿que están aprendiendo sus hij@s?
Excited to learn!
¡Ganas de aprender!
Back to School Night
Noche de Regreso

Who is Mr. Johnson?
¿Quién es el Sr. Johnson?

About Mr. Johnson
BA in Governance, Peace and Justice (University of Minnesota)
MA in Bilingual/Bicultural Education (Columbia University)
Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica and Guinea, West Africa (2005-2010)
Taught middle school math in the Bronx, NYC (2010-2015)
4th year teaching math and science at MLC
Our Mission
We are emerging engineers
using our creativity, innovation, empathy and understaninding of science and math to make our world a safer, healthier and better place.
Nuestra misión
Somos ingenier@s emergentes
utilizando nuestra creatividad, innovación, empatía y comprensión de la ciencia y las matemáticas para hacer de nuestro mundo un lugar más seguro, más sano y mejor.
Continuity Works!
5th Grade Math Results

Standard Exceeded = 1
Standard Met = 5
Standard Nearly Met = 2
Standard Not Met = 27

7th Grade Math Results

Standard Exceeded = 26
Standard Met = 9
Standard Nearly Met = 7
Standard Not Met = 1

Check PowerSchool with her.
Encourage her to do her homework.
Encourage her to do Khan Academy.
Celebrate grades and acievements.
Remind her that she is working towards high school, college, and achieving her dreams.
Communicate with teachers.
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