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Critical Design Review

AerE 160 LTA Design Competition presentation

Stephanie Ocampo

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Critical Design Review

Group 8 Critical Design Review Controls for RC Airplanes Dominant Aerodynamic Forces:
-Lift For balance in function and aesthetics, we chose to model after a real plane.

Function will rely on where the motors and propellers will be placed. Strategy for structure:
-center of gravity in the middle
-proportionality between the body and wings Manager - Matthew Anderson
Chief Design/Structures - Bernard Shaw
Chief Test Pilot/Controls - Ryan Hofman
Propulsion - Jacob Spenner
Aerodynamics - Peri Jacobsen
Manufacturing Engineer - Kyle Calder
Aesthetics/Powerpoint - Stephanie Ocampo As manager, Matt :
-creates compromise for time.
-schedules times and dates outside of lab. Challenges:
-Time management
-Building the model
-Compromising with the team Getting Group 8 ready for the challenge Since Lift is mostly carried by balloon, we can use Thrust to help overcome 15% of lift needed to keep our vehicle flying. To Stabilize flight, our vehicle should have longer wings, but a body in proportion to.
Also since it will be modeled after a real aircraft, aerodynamics should be fairly balanced. Requirements for our vehicle:
-Rudder is a must to turn
-Throttle will create the extra lift The motors already satisfy for throttle.
The elevators will be attached to the model. Control along the axes:
x-axis - Balance in design will help keep it steady and balloon generates most lift.

y-axis - Motor control will be primary way of controlling altitude.

z-axis - Rudder is to stabilize yaw. Propulsion integrates with other systems through
-thrust, drag (aerodynamic forces)
-source of power (engine, propellers) Strategy for propulsion:
-Balancing thrust and drag with 2-3 motors
-Placement of motors to overcome drag and overall balance The anticipated thrust should overcome the weight of the propulsion system. The weight , accounted through aerodynamic forces, must be overcome by thrust to compensate the last 15% of lift. To begin manufacturing an easily maintainable and aesthetically pleasing aircraft design should begin in the drafting stages. Using a detailed schematic drawing, Kyle can

-construct the fuselage of the aircraft

- and implement the included electronics (provided in the LTA kit) into the airframe. In choosing the pilot, we looked for experienced RC aircraft flyers. Ryan had the most experience next to our Chief Designer, Bernard. Flight test strategy:
-Find stability with balloon alone.
-Add motors/propellers & test stability Bernard began the brainstorming process immediately. He is one of the most experienced RC aircraft builders on the team so he was chosen as Chief Designer. Design #1) The SR-71 was one of the first ideas that was put on the board. Drawn by Bernard and Matt. #2) The second design was drawn by Kyle using a practical approach. #3) The third design was not personally drawn by team members, however it was a choice that was thrown across the board by Bernard. Our team voted on mainly the first two designs after deliberation and our final design is...... The SR-71!!! We believe this will work because we have confidence in Bernard and our teamwork to help make this SR-71 model possible in the allotted time. Weight budget:
-2 x brushless motors --
-2 x standard size servos --
-2 x micro size servos --
-2 x Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)
-2 x propellers -- The maintainability will be achieved through a detailed step by step process to ensure creation of the most air-worthy craft possible under our design limitations. Every aircraft needs a paintjob.. Ideas for Aesthetics:
-UFO/aliens (in cockpit)
-Rising Sun w/ dragons
-SR-71 black w/ red and white lining
-America Overall, we hope that it'll not only look good, but look good while flying. Those are our goals. Thank you! This is the end of Group 8's presentation! To assure the vehicle is flyable, we'll try several test runs. The Black Birds
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