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Truck Dogs

No description

taisa kushnir

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Truck Dogs

Truck Dogs
In chapter two Rex goes looking for the mongrel pack but bumps into the Rottwheeler pack. They take his spanner and head off to Hubcap. .It isn't long untill the town figure out that the Rottwheeler pack want to take all of their fuel. They start locking up anyone who wants tries to stop them [including Mayor Plug, Farmer Howel and Mr & Mrs Dogsbody]. Back in the desert, the morgrel pack decide to dress up one of the dogs as a truck ram to scare the desert dogs away. But later on The Desert dogs hurt Rex and the mongrel pack are told to leave him there. Meanwhile, in Hubcap, the Truck dogs are doing everything they can to stop the Rottwheeler pack, but they need Rex and the Mongrel Pack.
In chapter three, I predict that the mongrel pack will arrive in Hubcap but its war against the Rottwheelers, I predict someone will get badly injured or die.
In this chapter the town gets taken over by the Rottwheeler Pack, but the Mongrel pack arrive and war begins. Mr Big tries to steal all of the fuel but the Town manage to stop him. Brake [a member of the Rottwheelers] brakes. Clutch abandons Mr big and helps Sparky, but Mr Big tries to kill Clutch with a lighter but Clutch manages to get out. Mr Big says rude stuff about Clutch but Clutch hears and him and Sparky chase Mr big around the town, eventually they catch him and he gets locked up. Rex comes back, alive and well.
By Graeme Base
Truck Dogs is a story about 5 dogs they call the 'Mongrel pack'. They are a group of homeless dogs who live in the streets of Hubcap town. Sparky, a truck dog [whose mum happens to be the mayor] is a cheeky truck dog who likes to hang out with the Mongrel pack, but the Mongrel pack feel he's too young to be hanging out with them.

The chapter talks about how the Mongrel pack play a game called the 'Sheep Jumping game'. Its a game that the Mogrel pack created. The aim of the game is to jump over as many of farmer Howles sheep they can. The truck dog to jump over the most sheep wins. Mayor Plug [Sparkys mum] isn't happy that Sparky is hanging out with the Mongel pack. She tells him not to play with the Mongrel pack, but Sparky dosent listen.

Rex, an older truck dog, owns a petrol station. Farmer Howle comes to fill up his tank but is about to let out gas. Rex turns him the other way and saves him. But famer Howle thinks that Rex was being disrespectful.

Sparky sees the Mongrel pack playing near the statue of Lord Hubcap. He tags along but his axle gets caught on the rope fence leaving it to crash into the statue and break the head. The town think the Mongrel pack did the damage and send them away. But Rex is worried the Dessert dogs will hurt them so he goes searching for them.
I predict that Rex will find the Mongrel pack but it will be a task to get them to come back. I also predict that Sparky will secretly go and try to find them too. And then he will get lost.
I predict that the town will fix up all the mess that has been made in the fight and Mayor Plug will adopt the Mongrel pack or give them a home. Then the town will live happily ever after!
In chapter four, the Mongrel pack are given a medal for braveness
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