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This is my watch!

Hi~ I'm Korean student. Nice to meet you~

Kim Sanghun

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of This is my watch!

안녕 This
my Hi 23 Now, I study in Kyungsung university. I'm years old. My physical infomation is Top Secret!! Sad to say, my head is a little big... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 SHOW TIME
WATCH I'm from KOREA! I live in Busna, here! This is Gwangwan beach in Busan!! Wow~!! This is so cool, isn't it? ★ ★ This picture is campus in spring~! I have huge passion for my university life This is me, haha I finshed my Korea army service last year!! Remeber... That time absolutely hard time.
But now, I think my army service happy and effective. Introduce happy Family~!! My beautiful mother~! My lovely Father and mother!! It's me! I have a precious friend. My life time is 2:00pm.
Who says, 2:00pm is hottest time.
Now, I have hottest passion.
And run into world. Show is begin! I love music I don't care genre, I love them all! Rock R&B Hip-hop Electronic Classic But some artist makes me feel catharsis. 10cm Bigbang Jaurim Muse I like Movie. My favorite
movie genre is
music movie,
action movie and melo. My favorite movie is Once This movie is so impressed.
It feel so beutiful to me. Have you ever listen "Falling slowly"? I hate cigarette and alcohol. But, I love drinking party! My name is
Sang-hun Kim Thank you!! My twitter ID is @Opnhiddenportal.
Follow me and speak to each other!! My facebook URL is
www.facebook.com/cyanmedia I wanna be your FRIEND!!! And Last My dream is PD(producer) like him. Infinite Chellenge PD
Taeho KIM I will lauch like this program. Like small concert,
Singer and audience
have a great time!
This is my dream. Everyday I watching
TV program. TV program is connect with my dream. I'm single.... Please give me one more chance!! Do you know
why my watch show 2:00pm?
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