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Australia in the 1960s - Music

No description

Erin Brown

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Australia in the 1960s - Music

music and its influences Australia In The 60's The 60's.... The End The .1960's... The world was changing, for better or worse, people weren't always so sure. If you ask someone to explain the 60's to you, they will say "Sex. Drugs. And Rock and Roll." In the 60's, the concept of a band touring the world was a relatively new thing. Traveling long distances on an plane, halfway across the world from countries like America and England to Australia was almost unheard of. The Beatles Arrive in Australia 11/6/1964 > was originally
written and
recorded by
John Lennon just days
before his assassination.

>this video depicts the
titles and lyrics of famous Beatles songs over their entire career which spanned over almost all of the 60's. (1961- 1969) Free As A Bird So, how does my rambling/Beatle fangirling actually relate to Australian involvement in the Vietnam War? Erin Brown
10 Red

ps Mr McCallum, you give
someone like me an assignment
on the 60's, it's going to be Beatles
related no matter what the
ACTUAL topic is. > willingness to do whatever YOU want to do.

> the Australian Government took the 'YOLO' approach. They followed the Americans into Vietnam, disregarding their British connections. The Beatles A time of change
and self expression The late 60's were a time where
people were finding out
who they were and what
they could do. Trying to use the
power that they as individuals had,
to change the world they lived in.
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