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Egg Plant Functional

No description

Praveen Upadrasta

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Egg Plant Functional

A Black-box GUI test automation tool.

Originally developed by Redstone Software starting in 2002.

Redstone was acquired in 2008 by a UK-based company called TestPlant.

A cross platform testing tool.
Real VNC
VNC Server :
This runs in the SUT.

VNC Viewer :
This runs in the Controller machine, which connects to the VNC Server running in the SUT.

Hence, these two systems can be connected either with their Private IP address or with Public IP address (Remote location, needs Port forwarding in corresponding Router)
Two-computer system model.
1. Controller machine
2. System-Under-Test (SUT)
When to use eggDrive?
1. An existing Java test harness can pull values from a database and use eggDrive to connect to a client and validate the database values through the client interface.

2. A Visual Basic script running in Quick Test Pro can launch eggDrive, connect to the local interface and automate a custom UI control that could not otherwise be automated.

3. A Ruby on Rails web interface can accept keyword actions in real time to execute eggPlant Functional scripts that perform high level operations against a dedicated SUT.
Mechanism for external processes, such as a script from another testing tool, to use eggPlant Functional’s automation capabilities.

Provides a simple XML-RPC interface for clients to send messages to eggPlant Functional.
Example Script:
EggPlant Supports proprietary scripting language called SenseTalk.

It is more simpler and has English like syntax structure.
Languages Supported
EggPlant Functional
Controller Machine :
Where scripts are authored and executed.

System-Under-Test (SUT) :
Where Application needs to be tested resides.

Real VNC has collaboration with TestPlant
Uses Image Recognition Alogrithms for capturing and Processing Images.

Also Includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
TypeText backspace
TypeText customerUsername
TypeText Tab
TypeText deleteKey
TypeText customerPassword
Compatible Browsers
Supports Cross Browser testing.
Similar Tools
This a research project developed by people from MIT. Engine and IDE is written in Java so you can run it on every java based GUI system.
T-Plan Robot
1. Need to recapture images when application is changed.

2. Must script each step of a user's interaction with the software.

3. Requires you to write a more complex script that looks for the item to be selected and scrolls the list if necessary to find it.

4. If the font is changed, an image of the old font will no longer match.

5. Two-system model is mandatory.

6. Occupies huge network latency because each and every action is transferred to the SUT and result back to Controller.

7. Cannot reuse the same captured images.

8. Not a Freeware product.

9. Crashes most frequently.


Shilpa S (11MSE0050)

Priyadarshini (11MSE0306)

Praveen U (11MSE0051)
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