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Berkay Fıstıkcı

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of THE LOVE OF A KING

Summary Of Each chapter
A lonely child
Prince Edward was born in 1894.His father,George was a cold man and didn't like the children.He thought his child was noisy.In this chapter,Edward once told a story about the house where they lived.When they were going to have their dinner,the servant brought the food to the wrong room and the king became angry.It could happen because Buckingham Palace was very big and people sometimes got lost.Edward didn't go to school,he was alone and he had a special class in the Buckingham palace
Chapter 2
The Prince Of Wales
In the spring of 1911 King told him to make him Prince of Wales and he gave him clothes for the ceremony.
At first,He didn't want to wear them because he was just 16 years old and thought he would look like as a girl.In the ceremony,he became embrassed when he saw the crowd.

Chapter 3
The Royal Star

After a year at Oxford University, Edward went to fight in the First World War, where he couldn't forget what he saw; his driver was dead.While he was away,somebody shot him. The war finished, in 1918, Edward returned to Buckingham Palace. During the five years he travelled 240,000 kilometres and 45 different countries. He was the different from the others. Because he was a man of the people with a hear of gold.

Chapter 4
The Meeting
He met his love,Wallis, in the autumn of 1930. Wallis was married and she was beatifully dressed and smiled all the time. She told him; "Your trousers' are and your shoes' colours don't look right together." He realized that she was right. He wanted to learn everything about Mrs Wallis Simpson from Lady Furness.

Chapter 5
Wallis was born in Baltimore. Her father died when she was 5 months old. Wallis wasnt unhappy child like Edward. She married Winfield Spencer who lost some money in the street. After the situation he began to drink so she had an unhappy marriage. Edward gave a birthday party for Wallis. They went to skiing and he proposed her. She thought it's just like a dream...

Chapter 6
The King Is Dead! Long Live the King!
His father was ill and Edward knew he was going to die. When he arrived, the King opened his eyes and smiled. He said to him to be good to your mother after midnight he died. His three brothers came to him and they said; "The King is dead, long live the king". Edward informed it to Wallis but he said that nothing wouldn't be change and she'd be his queen.

Chapter 7
Wallis wrote a letter to her husband to divorce from him. He replied and he accepted to do what she wanted. Next day, Edward met Archbishop of Canterbury and he learned their divorce was wrong in the eye of God. He understood that the Church would be against their marriage.

Chapter 8
The Storm
They met Prime Minister Metaxas, in Greece, Kemal Ataturk in Turkey, and King Boris in Bulgaria. He asked to Baldwin, the prime minister; "Do you think that divorce is modern?" and Baldwin agreed but also said she can't marry a king. But King said that he can't live without her. Next morning, "You told me that Wallis cant marry a King, so I'll gave the crown to my brother. I must follow my heart." The King said to Baldwin. King phoned Winston Churchill to say 'George will be king.'

Chapter 9
That Woman I Love
His last night in England,'I want to be modern, kind King. I wanted to change the world but they stopped me. I've to leave.' Later, hundread of people come to see him. And they shouted,'Long live the King long live love.' Edward kissed his mother and he left his country as a thief. And George who is Edward's brother, became a King. When Edward arrived Hortsmouth a voice said;' The King is here', he suprised and said; ' I'm not a King, I'm just man in love.

Chapter 10
The Wedding
The next morning, Edward phoned Wallis and he said; 'I left everything for you, but I love you. and I'm happiest man in the world.' In the wedding ceramony none of the Royal family came. He suprised and he called his brother to say,'Why didn't you came?' he replied,'I dont like your wife you can live here but Wallis not.' After this answer he understood that his family didn't want his wife so I didn't want them too.

Chapter 11
Next thirty years they lived in Paris, they gave parties and travelled round the world but they never went back to Buckingham Palace. After King George died in 1952 and Queen Mary died in 1961, Edward returned to Windsor for a few days but her wife stayed in France, and she said;" I'ts your family, not mine." After 14 year of Edward's death,she became ill and she also died who buried in England next to her husband at Windsor.

Chapter 12
In 1970, two years before his death, Edward said;" There are some people who think that I was wrong to give away my crown. But they didt understand true love. But he thought that he was the luckiest man in the world because After meeting Wallis his whole life changed and he realized that to be happy deep inside your heart is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Romantic,fantastic and dramatic
My favourite character is Edward because he chose his love what he wanted.He gave up being king and his family for Wallis.He shows love is wonderful thing in our life.He had unhappy child but he was good and strong man
The main character:
His parents:
King George and
Queen Mary
His wife:
Mrs. Wallis
His brother:
Argue:She argued her mother and left home.
Wedding:In the wedding ceremony,the bride fainted.
Royal:Edward was a royal star and different from the others.
Storm:Because of the storm,The sheep sank.
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