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Steven Dampier

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Diabetics

Working in partnership
Working with our service users family, friends, other care providers and anyone else they may have contact with is important for anyone to recieve the correct care no matter what state they are in, meaning that having their families imput and opinion on their care allows the service user to recieve the care they need. Other than this it is important for a service user to have the opinion of both medical, health and social care as well as close friends and family so you have a moral and professional imput on care.
Decision making
It is important for service users to have an imput and knowledge on their care, especially when it comes to diabeties, they have to administer their medication as well as being independant on their care. So not only is the advice we give them important but also the knowledge that the service user gives us on their condition, not everyones case or illness is the same or can be treated the same.
Staff Training and induction
Diabetics will need support from everyone who they come into contact with, this could include
- GP's
-Diabetic Nurses
This needs to be provided due to the many complications for diabetics
Diabetics need a range of care for them to manage and maintain their health. There are many complications which can be caused by badly controlled diabeties such as loss of sight, limb absesses, cardiovascular problems as well as long term health problems.
For our staff to be properly trained for the needs of our service users for us to give the proper care to those who need it the most, not only do they need help with counting carbohydrates and how to give injections if needed but also lifting for those who have been amputated and other medical care for service users who are not well controlled.
Care Quality Commision
This allows our services to be up to the best standards possible, this allows our staff, service users and employer to ensure that our staff are safe as well as the servive users who are the centre of priority. We aim to use our policies, procedures and legislation to provide the best, safest care we possibly can.
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