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Pope Urban II

No description

Christian Barker

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Pope Urban II

Pope Urban II Timeline of Events 1070 1099 Made Archdeacon of Reims, France 1065 Became a cloistered monk in the cluniac monastery at La Cava 1078 Odo appointed Bishop of Ostin by Gregory VII; became Pope's adviser 1080 Election of anti-pope Clement III 1088 Odo elected Pope Urban II 1096 First crusade began Capture of Jerusalem, Urban II died 14 days after What did he do? Launched the First Crusades
- Recaptured Jerusalem from the Muslims Roman Catholic Pope
-1088 to 1099 Accomplishments Launched First Crusades
- Brought reforms to Church
- Liberation of Jerusalem Created Council of Clermont Born Odo of Chatillon-Sur Marne in Northeastern France into a Noble family

-cerca 1042 Modeled his government on that of a French Court (European Monarchy) Remodeled the papal financial system People associated with- The Priest John of Gaeta- His Secrectary Pope's adviser- Gregory VII St. Bruno- Teacher Spanish Rulers Normans Difficulties Trying to persuade all of the knights to join the crusade
Exile on the Island of St. Bartholomew
Capturing Jerusalem from Muslims Byzantine Emperor- Alexis I Anti-pope Clement III Anti-Pope Clement III Interesting things about Pope Urban II Speech at Clermont was one of the most famous speeches of the middle ages Beatified in 1881 by Pope Leo XIII Was never married
No kids Speech at Clermont: Persuaded everyone to join crusades
"God wills it."
"take the cross" (pledge to go on crusade) in large numbers. Death July 29, 1099 in Rome, Italy

14 days after the recapture of Jerusalem

Didn't know he recaptured Jerusalem

Was Pope for 11 years the end
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