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coal the past, present, future and what we think

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tyler workman

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of coal the past, present, future and what we think

HISTORY HISTORY First reconized in history at four thousand B.C Coal was discoverd in W.V in 1742 by John Peter Salley,it was also probally the best thing that has ever happend in W.V . TYLER AND CORY'S PREZI coal mining was the most dangerous job in the U.S Miners had little to no rights working in the mines untill the devolpement of the lobor union. PRESENT PRESENT COAL now in the present is the nations leading power source. Coal in W.V supply's the U.S with a little over 15% of it's electricity it also supply's W.V with 99% of the electricity. Some people believe coal is bad but if we just shut coal down completly then there would not be enough power to go around. So you are probably wondering what exactly is this black rock named coal. Yes we know you have all learned about coal but do you know what is in coal? NOW even though you probally don't care you get to hear whether we think coal has a future or not. We bealeave the enviromentalist and the people who do not have a direct impact with coal will try to shut the black gold down , but once they see how much coal really does then they will beg the Arch's and Massesy's of the world to start back up and keep mining the prescious black rock. In our opinoin they will mine coal untill their is no moore to mine (witch won't be anytime soon) because face it you can't have enough power to run the nation without coal and if you can't tell we are for coal but that dosent mean we don't care about the enviroment because there is a such thing as clean coal.
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