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My Digital Learning Resources

a slide show on the different digital learining resources i use and how to use them

thomas rehman

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My Digital Learning Resources

A useful site containing
scientific journals videos to add to your reports to enhance effect Obtain images
to complement your text Search for general information
to help with learning.
Search on the main page to
bring up numerous results on weblinks
to your topic. sign up to download
regular podcasts
on news and information
from around the world organise events and invite friends A virtual learning environmrnt
set up by the univeristy My Digital Learning
Resources A socal networking
site for all ages connect with new and old friends share ideas with interactive chat tool message classmates/friends share photos organise your favourite music
into playlists........to help you study! look up previously written
journals to help you with
your topic of study Important for comparing
lab results with previously
published results upload videos to aid explanations
in reports, for example, embeddding a video
showing bone growth could significantly
enhance the readers understanding of your explanantion of bone ossification Contains all resources provided by the university
all lecture slides
details of previous and upcoming practicals
details of coursework requirements and deadlines A site which contains information on
everything from scientific defintions to
cooking recipes Very useful for looking up details on
specific disesases, as it will tell you everything
including the causes, effects, symptoms, treatment and diagnosis contains links to other
webpages which have
similar information A world wide search engine
linking to most web pages that exist! A music programme which stores
your music and allows you to download
music, videos and podcasts A site containing videos uploaded
by people from around the world
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