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Instructional Design

No description

Tricia K

on 29 December 2015

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Transcript of Instructional Design

Instructional Design
Tricia Kennedy
NSG 540
January 4, 2016

Topics and Objectives
Opioid Withdrawal and Central Sensitization
Instructional Method
Lecture and Group Discussion
Proposed practicum
Practicum topics and objectives
Instructional method
Instructional model
Learning method
Alignment with practicum and objectives
Influence of learning materials and technology
Pain Rehabilitation Center
The nurse will identify signs and symptoms of withdrawal.
The nurse will calculate withdrawal timelines for the classifications of symptom management medications.
The nurse will recommend appropriate treatments for opioid withdrawal.

Central Sensitization
The nurse will describe central sensitization.
The nurse will differentiate the functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic levels in the autonomic nervous system.
The nurse will explain treatment options for patients with central sensitization.

Orientation for Nurses
Cognitive domain
Knowledge transfer
Present information
Passive learning
Group Discussion
Cognitive and Affective Domain
Stimulates sharing of ideas and emotions
Passive and active learning

Instructional Model
Learning Method
Adult Learning
Alignment with practicum and objectives
Influence of learning materials and technology
3 registered nurses
3 week ambulatory program
Focus on opioid tapering
Increase quality of life

Meaningful and relevant
Required for job duties
Interactive environment
Past experiences
Retrieved from http://sites.duke.edu/reema/files/2012/04/AdultLearning.jpg
Retrieved from http://udel.edu/~caviness/Class/images/presentation.gif
Retrieved from http://www.careeranna.com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/discussion-group.jpg
Nurses will have prior experience
Interactive experience with knowledge transfer
Not skills based
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