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Saturn: The Best Vacation Spot Ever!!!

By: Michael Aronson and Emily Phillips

Michael Aronson

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Saturn: The Best Vacation Spot Ever!!!

Saturn Look at those amazing and colorful rings, well if you like them then come on down to Saturn where you can take a nice jog around those rings. Saturn .Do you see those amazing rings, well I do. It just makes me want to take a jog around them. Well you can as long as you take a trip to Saturn. Come experience the thrill of Saturn. We will be traveling at a speed of 5,000 mph and for 5 days. Some of the fabulous things you could do on Saturn is you can take a tour through the layers. Before you decide to come to Saturn. You might want to put this in your mind. Come during the winter season,when it is -288 degrees Fahrenheit. because you will be in for a lot of fun and adventure. If jogging around Saturns rings or taking a tour through the layers of Saturn doesnt interest you than why dont you... Explore the unexpected. Another thing you could do is go go carting around Saturns rings at "Saturn Station"(If there are no joggers of course.) During the Winter seasons, you can have a blast at one of Saturns famous ice skating rinks! One other great thing on Saturn is our Saturn Ball and meet the Saturn Globe Trotters. So when its time to pick a vacation spot think of Saturn. See ya there!!! If you call now you be entered in a raffle for you and 3 guests to get an all expense paid trip to Saturn!! At 1-800-555-0124. Sky diving into Saturns icy crystal clouds is one other thing that you may enjoy. It is a great way to spend time with family while screaming your heart out. For you science people out there this fact about Saturn may interest you... That Saturn's rotation is only 10.656 earth hours. Wow is that short. Saturn is about 2 billion miles away from earth. Also Saturn is 9 times the size as the earth. THATS HUGE!!! If you are woundering what Saturn is made up of, which your probably not well im going to tell you anyways. It is made up of Hydrogen and Helium. Another interesting fact is Saturns air is made up of ice clouds and if your lucky you will see some sky divers. Now its time for "Question and Answer". About how far is Saturn from earth? A. 20 mi C. 2 million mi
B. 200 mi D. 2 billion mi The answer is "D" How long is Saturn's rotation? A. 6.345h
C.11.089h D.10.656h The answer is "D" How many times bigger is Saturn than earth A. 9 times C. 6 times
B. 11 times D. 3 times The answer is "A" What is Saturn made up of? ( 2 things ) A.helium C. All of the above
B.Hydrogen D. None of the above The answer is "C" How many moons does Saturn have? A. 23 MOONS
D. 38 MOONS The answer is "C" How many satellites does Saturn have? A. 54 satellites
B. 43 satellites
C. 62 satellites
D. 12 satellites The answer is "C" What number planet is Saturn from the sun A. 5
B. 6
C. 4
D. 8 The answer is "B"
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