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SLA Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership

No description

Jane Cronshaw

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of SLA Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership

Level 2
What's it all about? sport leader Unit 1 -Plan, lead and evaluate a sports/ activity session
Unit 2 - Developing Leadership skills
Unit 3 - Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle
Unit 4 - Making activity sessions Inclusive
Unit 5 - Positive role models in sport
Unit 6 - Organise and deliver a sports event or competition
Unit 7 - Pathways in sport and recreation
Unit 8 - Using Leadership skills Practical Assessment Theory This will be our collection of evidence Unit 5 - Positive Role Models Unit 5:
2.Identify a positive sporting role model 2.1 Select a sporting role model and show why they are positive

2.2 Show how this person uses their position to help others http://www.youtube.com/ Unit 5 - Positive Role Models in Sport 3. Understand how a Sports Leader could make use of their position as a positive role model 3.1 How and Why

3.2 Responsibility

3.3 Legacy Exercise Smoking Drugs Alcohol Diet Age Environment Unit 3 - Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle 1.1 Describe how each of the factors may affect a person's health and fitness Describe the factor
Describe how the factor may affect a persons health
Describe how the factor may affect a persons fitness
Give a practical example and/ or a researched statistic to back up what your saying PRIMARY VISIT NUMBER 2 2 x Warm Up
2 x Hoop Pass
2 x Hand Tangle
2 x Feet Shuffle
2 x Get in Line
2 x Shark Infested Waters 5 mins each activity
The group will be split into half to compete against each other
Shark invested water group will be split into 4 teams to compete GET IN LINE

Pupils must get in a certain order on their bench – WITHOUT STEPPING OFF – in the quickest possible time

No stepping off the bench. If they step off, they must rejoin the bench where they were before they stepped off.
If the rules say no talking, then that must be obeyed and other forms of communication must be used. Unit 6: Organising and Delivering a Sports Event or Competition (2.1, 2.2) Roles and Responsibilities
Whats Your Role? - What do I need to prepare? What do I need to do at the event/ competition? Unit 2: Developing
Leadership Skills
Behaviour (3.1) BEHAVIOUR Unit 4 - Inclusion Unit 4
Inclusion What is Inclusion?
What does inclusion in sport mean?
What disability categories are included in the Paralympics?
Include images of the categories through olympic performers
What are your thoughts on Inclusion in sport? - should sport be segregated on inclusive? Fanwood Activity Centre
(Scout Centre) Explain the two parts of the centre that you used
Explain how you may challenge pupils in different ways on the climbing wooden frame Research the activity centre - where is it, what facilities does it have
How much does it cost to use the differing aspects of the centre Inclusion in the Paralympics Inclusion through Gymnastics Inclusion in Gymnastics Create a pathway for Inclusion in Gymnastics - with all the questions and answers from the film

Create a pathway discussing the points from the inclusive task sheets 4.1 - 4.3

Ensure all other pathways are up to date
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