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Open Mind Portrait

No description

Cortney Ptok

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Open Mind Portrait

Open Mind Portrait Lisa Francella and Cortney Ptok How to use it? - Read aloud
- Guided, shared, or independent reading
- Can be done multiple times (beginning, middle, end)
- Pause after important events
- Think about a character's motivation and/or emotions
at a critical moment in the story Cross Curricular -Social Studies (Explorers)

-Art (Artists )

- Science (Scientists)

-Classroom management
(Conflict resolution) Strengths What is an
open mind portrait? Assessement Weaknesses - Students read and understand the text
- Students make personal connection with characters
-Students learn to put themselves in the character's shoes
- Supports multiple intelligences
- Opportunity for differentiated instruction - Students may be uncomfortable with drawing
- Time consuming
- Harder for students with comprehension difficulties - Rubrics Activity http://www.rcampus.com/rubricshowc.cfm?code=Z4C548&sp=yes - Character identification
- Two images of a character's head
- One depicts their physical characteristics
- One shows their thoughts, feelings,
attitudes, actions at a particular moment
- Can include objects, people, or events http://www.bgsu.edu/colleges/library/crc/webquest/aquamarine/omindport.html Questions? Stop and ask:

-How do you think ___ feels?
- What was __ thinking when
this happened?
- How do you think ___ was
feeling when ___ said this ? Assessement

- Rubrics

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