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A Strategic Two Pronged Approach To

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Matthew Lenno

on 20 June 2018

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Transcript of A Strategic Two Pronged Approach To

What Problems Were We Facing?
House parties
Little to no knowledge of national and TU policies
Not living values
Not understanding liability
High level of recidivism in conduct
No respect to either National or TU offices.
Disregard for the larger Towson community
A Strategic,Two-Pronged Approach
to Alcohol Education and Risk Reduction

Social And Risk Training
FIPG Training
Greek 101 &
Leadership Series

Every social chair, risk chair, and president receives training
All must pass social exam by 80% or no social activities with alcohol (can retake as many times as want)
All newly colonized chapters must have 100% of their chapter take class and take exam. All have to pass with an 80% or above or they do not have social privileges
All chapters must have a crisis management/behavioral plan on file in our office
All chapters are trained on the Responsible Tiger Protocol (Amnesty Policy)
University Adopted The Risk Management Policy of FIPG as Social Greek Policies and Recreation sports policies on Campus. The University also banned house parties. (no houses really exist on campus)
Try to help members understand their own chapter policies and how they overlap
Explain how liability plays a role in how they manage their everyday operations.
Presented by:

Matt Lenno, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Calvin L. Smith Jr., Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Let's Take A Quiz!!
Clicker time!!!!
Leadership & Greek 101 Seminar Series
ATOD Grant

Multi-office effort-

Athletics, ATOD, Campus Recreations Services, Wellness center, Leadership Program, Student Activities, Counseling Center, ATOD

What is TIPS for the University?
TIPS for the University

The University program is a two-hour program tailored for students at universities and colleges. This program gives students the skills they need to intervene with their peers in social situations to prevent alcohol-related incidents.
TIPS Program Agenda
$24,000 over 2.5 Years
Added 22 trainers
over a 2.5 year period
Results of Two Pronged Approach
87% reduction in student conduct cases by chapters
No conduct recidivism over a 2 year period
Recognized by Governor of Maryland
Increase in national awards
Increase in organized socials
A want for self monitoring
Increase in integrity
$25,000 to save lives????
Published in national newsletters
Increase in the amount of greek students in leadership positions
School rules
Chapter specific rules
National rules
Personal safety
Personal stories
Why TIPS for the University?
Alcohol.edu was not working for us- "Computer delivered interventions less helpful on college drinking"
"In person encounters produce results that last more than a few months" - from Psychology Matters

SAMHSA- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services- high marks for quality and effectiveness

Cost effectiveness-
Outside the classroom ranks it as one of top programs for money spent per student.

Have a TIPS Master Trainer on staff

Other models like BASICS, ASTP, Prime for Life did not work for the staffing restrictions and amount of students needed to be trained.

Leadership (Greek wide) and Greek 101(new members only) programming is a semester long programming series that was established in 2012 in an effort to engage students on a range of topics to assist in the development of their respective organizations as well as their personal/professional development.

Leadership and Greek 101 programs include but not limited to:
Hazing Prevention Week
Parliamentary Procedure and Robert's Rules of Order
Fraternity and Sorority Life Structure
Lambda 101
Sexual Assault Prevention
Effective Communication
Speak Up (Diversity Training)
Large Scale Programming
Training for Intervention Procedures
Cultural Competency
Professional Development/Networking
Environmental Sustainability
Over 91% state the programming has inspired them to take action on campus.
96% of students have acknowledged an increase in self awareness.
95% believe our programming has helped them improve their interactions with other people.
94% learned new information during the presentations.
92% of students acknowledge that they were exposed to information they can apply to their daily life.
97% now say the can make more informed decisions.
Program Introduction

Section I - Information
Part A - Alcohol and Its Effects
Part B - Intervention and Legal Information

Section II - Skills Training
Part I - Evaluating Cues
Part II - Evaluating Responses

Part III - Practice

Wrap Up
86% of students believe this program will help them perform their position better.
91% say this program will help improve their interactions with people under the influence of alcohol.
91% have gained confidence in intervention techniques regarding alcohol and behavioral management issues.
93% feel more confident in appropriately responding to someone with alcohol poisoning.
Flexibility to Address
How can this approach be incorporated on your campus?

What other approaches or techniques work for you?
Thank you!!!
What questions do you have?
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