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Ocean interactions: Coral Reefs

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Lily Trujillo

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Ocean interactions: Coral Reefs

Ocean interactions: Coral Reefs
Introduction to the Coral Reef
Coral Reefs are a collection of the most diverse organisms/communities in the world. Believe it or not, coral reefs are all living and breathing sessile creatures that provide shelter and food to others.

Their relationship with the Earth's spheres are quite complex. Supporting the Biosphere by providing shelter and food, hydrosphere by keeping the water calmer and cleaner, the geosphere by acting like a safeguard against erosion of sandy beaches,and the atmosphere with the provision of oxygen.
Hydrosphere and Geosphere
Coral reefs interact with the hydrosphere by keeping the ocean cleaner and less waves. The reefs also need a warm temperature from the water so without the needed temperatures, the reefs would die.

Coral Reefs interact with the geosphere by providing a large barrier between the sandy beaches and the eroding waves. Without the reefs, we probably wouldn't have many beaches.
Biosphere and Atmosphere
Coral Reefs interact with the biosphere by providing habitats for species such as fish, clam, and sea turtles. They also provide some of the organisms nutrients.

Coral Reefs interact with the atmosphere by helping create oxygen.
Water pollution and tourism can be greatly harmful to our coral reefs. To stop this from happening we should be careful to not hit a coral reef when boating, touching the reefs when snorkeling, and being careful not to waste any dump into the ocean.
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