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Salty Dog Distillery

No description

Laura Marttinen

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Salty Dog Distillery

Salty Dog Distillery
Found a niche


Premium Island Shine: 30-60 y.o. urbanites; educated, sophisticated, worldly, environmentally conscious, confident; > avg. income, likes golf, sailing, fine food, outdoor activities

Canadian Maple Shine: 40-60 y.o.; vodka connoisseurs, food enthusiasts; educated, sophisticated, worldly, successful, trendy; > avg. income, likes traveling, golf, food, trying new things

Too focused?
Enormous market + competition
Offer experiential opportunities for customers
Stress dignity, respect, relationships
All alcohol sold through provincial liquor commissions/boards
Highest quality products possible
Great quality and a great story
Local and organic
Good value for money
Monitoring standards
Events: taste tests, contests, giveaways
Distillation process
Production license
Province of PEI
Architect of the distillery
Liquor board
Bottle suppliers
Potato, grain, maple sap suppliers

Reduced energy costs (use wind and solar, burn unusable alcohol)
Use of seconds and culls (purchase raw products for cheap)
Excise tax
Environmental taxes and levies
Federal and provincial taxes
Premium pricing
Spent mash sold as organic animal feed
Financial support from Commercial Building Incentive Program
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