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Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 7

No description

Kevin Finisterre

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 7

You get your sticks today!
Peek around at Stock Firmware
Then upgrade firmware to DeviationTX
Peek around at Deviation Firmware
Modify the Logo (splash .bmp)?
Modify the Model image (plane.bmp or heli.bmp)
Don't lose or break either your TX or RX... you will only get one.
If you do lose it, then you buy a new one to break!
Switch your sticks IF you want to... (Mode 1 vs. 2)
This is *yours* treat is as such
You may be asked to bring these to class at any time
Transmitter Lab!
The price! $68 for Devo 7e vs. $299 for Spektrum 7s
The Open Source firmware
The software mods (DSM emulation!)
The hardware hacks
May have to revert, NO Trainer support!
Why Deviation?
Owners Manual - http://www.walkera.com/en/productinformation/Devo7E_EM.pdf (also on CD)
Walkera DeFuse (NOT stm32 dfuse)
Pull down latest firmware
New firmware manual - http://www.deviationtx.com/user-manual/Documentation/Deviation10UserManual.pdf
How do we start?
Change the Logos (122x46px splash.bmp)
Enable USB
Overwrite plane.bmp or heli.bmp (52x36px)
BW icons for DEVO 7E,10 topic in DEVIATION Forum
Instructions for making model icons in DEVIATION Forum
Need to be Black and White!
You get a blank box when you fail!
Charlie Sheen Winning on the splash screen...
Don't forget Deviation Emu - http://www.deviationtx.com/user-manual/Deviation-Releases/Deviation-4.0.1/deviation-emu_devo7e-v4.0.1.zip/
Classwork / Homework?
with Kevin Finisterre of Pillar Technology
Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 7
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