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Career development: The Disney way

No description

Yasuhiro Kotera

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Career development: The Disney way

Career consulting in Japan
Methods & Results
Thematic analysis
Career development: The Disney way
NLP Skills
Disney Strategy
How Walt Disney had dreams and made them come true
Change perspective to change your feelings
Further research
Effects of NLP training on mental health
60% career (US 47%, UK 36%)
'90s economic bubble burst
2016 'Career Consultant' nationally governed
Why NLP training?
Most useful skills?
What about NLP most useful?
Disney strategy
Stubborn =
Reckless =
strong will, determined
doer, activist, brave
NLP for Career Consultants
NLP applied to career consulting
Thematic analysis
Reframing & Disney Strategy
What to cover
1. Summary of study
2. NLP skills
What do I want?
How to make it happen?
Anything missing?
- Counselling skills alone insufficient
- Reframing and Disney strategy
- Understanding of human mind and attitude to understand others
Yasuhiro Kotera
Academic Lead for Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychology at UDOL
y.kotera@derby.ac.uk, @YasuKotera

Examples of questions: use only when you are stuck
Dreamer: What do you want? What will you be doing, and where? What’s the evidence that tells you the dream/goal has been achieved (see, hear, feel)? What are the benefits of achieving this? What will this mean about you as a person? How will it benefit those who are close to you? What will you want after achieving this?

Realist: How can you make this dream happen? What steps do you need to take? Why do you need those steps? What are the big steps? What resources (time, people, money, etc) do you have to make it happen? What resources do you need?

Spoiler: What are the weaknesses in this plan? What is missing? What problems could occur? Who might object? Who will be unfavourably affected by this?
Effects of the Disney strategy quantitatively
Depression, anxiety, stress, mental wellbeing
Job search self-efficacy, intensity, clarity, proactiveness, self-esteem, mental health
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