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Presidential Want Ad

Civic's Project

Ashley Bixby

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Presidential Want Ad

We Want You... To Be The President
of the United States of America Insider Information Why Should You? The Election Qualifications:
Must be a natural born citizen
Must be 35 years of age
Must have been a U.S. citizen for the past 14 years Election:
When: June 10, 2011
Where: Your local designated voting area Who:
Johnny Depp
Leonardo Dicaprio Johnny Depp:
The Democratic Candidate
47 years old
Movie star
Former governor of Mississippi
Plans to reform the health care system Leonardo Dicaprio:
The Republican Candidate
36 years old
Movie star
Former senator of Nevada
Plans to lower gas prices Term Length:
Each president can serve for 2 terms (8 years)
Each president can serve no more than 10 years Roles of the President:
To provide safety and comfort to U.S. citizens
To relieve stress from the citizens
Additional Titles/Jobs:
the Chief of State
the Chief Executive
the Chief Administrator
the Chief Diplomat
the Commander in Chief
the Chief Legislator
the Chief of Party
the Chief Citizen Powers of the President:
Veto Power
Power to call an emergency meeting with both houses of Congress
Power to appoint judges
Power to appoint members of the cabinet
Power to pardon
Commander in Chief of the military
Power to control the budget process
Power to appoint embassadors and to make treaties Additional Job Information:
Salary: $400,000/yr
$50,000 expense allowance/yr
Home: The White House (132 rooms and 18.3 acres) Being the President of the Unites States is both a fantastic job and a wonderful oportunity. There are an infinite number of perks and benefits that the president is able to enjoy. Some of the perks are related to the power associated with the job. For one, the president gets an unbelievable amount of respect, as well as, being remebered forever in history. Other powers include helping to make laws, giving out pardons, having his/her voice heard, and being able to help the entire country and each citizen.
The other perks of being the president are related to having fun. The president has his/her own plane (Air Force One) and helicopter (Marine One), which he/she is able to use at his/her disposal. So, the president is able to travel and have fabulous vacations. One place the president is able to travel to is Camp David, which is his/her own personal get away, where no one else can go. However, when the president decides to take an ordinary vacation, they often meet many celebrities. Finally, one thing many people would love to have, and the president does have, is a personal chef that cooks each and every meal of the president's. Make sure to watch the debate!!

Presidential Debate:
When: May 16, 2011
Time: 7/6 central By:
Ashley Bixby
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