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Irene's Music Project

No description

Irisse Ortiz

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Irene's Music Project

My Music Journey By Irene Ortiz In my whole life, music has been an inspiration. It has been there ever since I was little and it influenced my likes and dislikes. Vital points in my life are mostly connected to a particular song and it created the Irene that I am now. And so, I'll take you on a journey about my MUSIC LIFE :D BoRn/BaBy I never really remembered much about when I was
a baby, but whenever I hear this cute "Telettubies" theme
song, it reminds me of my childhood. I remember when my siblings and I would sit on the couch and clap our tiny hands as we watch the "Telettubies". We enjoyed each and every episode and to tell you the truth, I even enjoy it now :D Learning and Exploring the New world (2-3 yrs old) At that age, kids tend to see and ask about the new world around them and that's what I did. Those were the few years where I looked around for the first time and marveled the things around me. I chose the song "Itsy Bitsy Spider" because it gives me the outdoorsy kind of feeling when I hear it. I heard it a lot as a child and I love singing along with the song, especially when I get to do the actions to it. This song reminds me of the times when I touched rain and enjoyed the sunshine. It reminds me of times when I did my explorations around nature. SiLlY aNd PlAyFuL
4-5 yrs old As a kid, I loved playing. I played with my sister, brother and even my neighbors. I felt as if I was the most free kid in the world. I'd run as fast as I could, I'd even try jumping as high as I can trying to touch the skies. The song "Caillou" reminds me of those precious memories knowing that he always plays and explores the outside world. Growing Up (Going Through Problems) 8-9 yrs old At this stage of my life, I experienced a lot of depressing things. I would be stressed and worried all the time because of the things that I did which I was not proud of. But one person always came through and helped me through my problems. It was my dad. We always had heart to heart talks and in the end, I feel as if a huge weight is lifted from my chest. He taught me great life lessons and always comforted me. I matured quite early because of this and whenever I hear the song "You Can Let Go Now Daddy" it reminds me of how important my dad truly is, especially that he helped me go through those tough stages of my life. Life Was Good 6-7 By the time I was 6-7 years old, I was allowed to walk with my siblings to go to the fields and play in the fresh breeze. We used to sit under a hut and drink juice as we watched the nearby lake and its waves. We watched the sun as it sets into the horizon and we sometimes even played silly games with our grandparents. The sound of simple calming music reminds me of those refreshing moments and it almost feels like I've gone back in time. Focused On School 9-10 yrs old School has become my main priority at that age, knowing that it would keep me busy from all the stress that I was experiencing. I gave it my all and I worked very hard in each task that I was given. It was quite fun actually. Being surrounded by my peers and teachers kept me occupied very often. Whenever I hear the song "Work This Out" by High School Musical, it reminds me of that time, but in a more montage kind of way. Plus, it was my favorite movie. Reached Goal 11-yrs old After all my hard work, I finally reached my goal. I became the top of my class. It took me a lot of work and a loooot of studying, but it the end, it paid off. I felt almost like a champion and so, whenever I hear the chorus of the song "We Are The Champions" it reminds me of that specific moment :3 Going To Canada This has been a very vital moment in my life and one particular song stands out at this time, and it was "Thanks To You". I would listen to this song very so often before I even went to Canada because I kept on thinking about my departure. I thought that it had a very good message and it made me very emotional as I listened to this song. I wanted to say "thank you" to all of my friends and family for being there all this time, but I just had to say goodbye. For me, whenever I hear this song, I think of my loving relatives back home who took care of me and made each day worth living for. Obsession 2008-2009 Believe it or not, but I am guilty of being a Bieber fan. I was capital O-B-E-S-E-S-S-E-D with him. I was absolutely in love and me and my sister would always watch his music videos. It was almost like an every day thing and trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to be in my way when his music videos came on T.V. I remembered that I loved all of his music videos, but the first and most remembered song for me was "Baby". I knew all the lyrics and I sometimes even rapped with it. Every time I hear that song, it reminds me of my old, crazy obsession with Justin Bieber. Just Dance 2010-2011 In those years, my parents bought us our first Wii game console along with Just Dance 3. My siblings and I danced till' we dropped. We enjoyed it so much that we even bought Just Dance 2 and other Wii games. I danced the song "Pump It" very often and whenever I hear it, it takes me back to those years when I used to dance almost every day. Vocaloid 2011-2012 Ever since I was introduced to anime by my friends, I started watching and listening to Japanese or any anime-related things. I listened to Vocaloid a lot Vocaloid 2011-2012 At this time, my friends introduced me to anime. I completely fell in love with it and I still watch it now. But Vocaloid isn't really an anime. It's a group of anime characters that sing. I remembered that the first Vocaloid song that I heard was called "Meltdown". Although it is in Japanese, I still loved the tune and beat. This led to song after song and I started watching anime too. This basically started my anime life and anime is very important to me :D Last Year-Grade 8
2012-2013 (Part 2) In the last months of Grade 8 here in Knob Hill, all of my Grade 8 classmates try to have as much fun as they can. They try to hang out with their friends as often as they can, but it is very saddening to say goodbye. After a year and I look back at this moment, the song "Harlem Shake" would probably be the song for my..... "unique" class and by just hearing that song, I would remember all the fun times we had together. Twilight 2012 -2013 (Part 1) As some of you know, I'm a bit of a Twilight fan. Y'know, I just watched all of the movies, read almost all the books, have a poster of them on my wall and drew almost all the characters' faces. Psshhh... Anyways, the Twilight Saga has become a huge thing in my life especially this year because it was mandatory that we had to read something. I read their books and I instantly became attached to it because I just loved the plot and their story. I almost know all their songs from the movie, but the song "Bella's Lullaby" or as others call it "River Flows In You", has always stood out to me. I love the tune and whenever I hear it, I immediately remember Twilight and all the romance in the book. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. Thanks for watching guys and I hoped you enjoyed :D
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