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Copy of Economic Features of British North America

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Krishen Roy

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Economic Features of British North America

Economic Features of British North America
Across all of British North America, industries where not used, until, one of the first places, Montreal. before people began using industries, they used many different outside sources to meet their needs. Industry growth was affected by geography, transportation, and population.
In the late 1850's, there were steam-powered factories in Montreal, and there was even more being built at the time! The Capitalists were people who build and owned their own businesses. They hired workers from the cities poor, to do dreary and dangerous work, including women and children as young as the age of 6.
The Way Out
As you can see the economy has changed from the 1850's to now, 2013. British North America was a collection of colonies changing at vast speeds. The colonies were very different from each other, for example, Canada West and Canada East were highly populated unlike the other colonies, which had very small populations.
British North America's economy was changing by becoming more industrialized. factories were replacing hand powered workshops with big steam powered equipment. Goods such as stoves, coats, and wagon wheels could be produced more quickly and easily then they were produced in the old style workshops.
develop industries, especially manufacturing industries
people who built and owned businesses
The 4 Regions
Canada East: This area was highly
industrialized. A lot of workers where hired from the streets do to horrible jobs, but they did it because they had to, even though they were horribly paid.
Canada West: In the 1870's, industrialization
started to expand. They specialized on mak-
ing many household items that are made of
cotton and of metals. Finally, in the 1880's, there where large industries, and now called Ontario.
The 4 Regions Cont.
The West: This area was thinly populated and there was almost no industrialization until the late 1800's, but they didn't need them. The First Nations ran the Fur Trade. The Hudson Bay company did not want the agriculture to infest their land.
The Maritimes: This area was very reliant on shipbuilding because fishing and oversea trade was their main occupation. The factories that existed in this area required large numbers, and because the population was so low, industrialization was not heavily introduced.
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