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Field Project 1

No description

Brandi Hood

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Field Project 1

Interviewed a 32 year veteran teacher
She teaches in a city school system.

Teaches severe and profound and inclusion students.

Grades 3-5
Technology applications implemented in your classroom for reinforcing enrichment for reading and math content?
-iPad and various apps on it for math and reading.
- Activevision for the smartboard.
-Classflow is used in order to download multiple smartboard files for reading and math.
-Elmo is used in order to enlarge items.

Communication Issues Continued
-Often parents are unable to be contacted.

- Parents are unable to help due to their own limited abilities.
Communication Challenges
-Students with limited vocabulary or intelligible speech.
-At times this is a choice, rather than ability.

- No follow through from home on speech issues.
- Some parents do not see problems at home or do not expect that their child has the ability.

Field Project 1
Brandi Hood
SE 506

Other Issues
- Current school set up is not best practice for students with severe disabilities.
-Students are spread out throughout system which means that support systems are spread thin.
-Speech therapists are serving multiple schools, and schedule sessions tightly. This means that time is lost while students travel.
-Adequate technology and materials are not available when students are spread out across schools.
Other Issues Continued
-Inclusive students are being serviced in the same setting as severe students.

-Behavior problems that occur daily interfere with instruction
If I Were Superintendent?
- I would limit the amount of sharing of schools that the speech pathologists to the schools that had the fewest number of students needing to be serviced.
If I Were Superintendent?
Hire a parent involvement specialist to provide home visits if needed.
If I were Superintendent?
Place all students with severe/profound disabilities in one setting so that resources may be more easily implemented.
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