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Breaking Bad - presentation

No description

Mate Vincze

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Breaking Bad - presentation

"I have made a series of very bad decisions" WHAT THE FUCK? FLASH FORWARD pre-credit teaser convinces you to stay confusing, surreal fractured from the narrative flow CHARACTERS SKYLER WHITE Mother Wife Short-story writer eBay trader mindful unfaithful MARIE SCHRADER HANK SCHRADER Macho DEA agent mad about his job proud of himself shoplifter Skyler's sister Hank's wife devoted to her husband cares a lot about her sister WALTER WHITE father chemistry teacher husband under achieving genius Upon turning 50 Walter White (50) FATHER HUSBAND GENIUS TEACHER CANCEROUS Stage III lung cancer WHY? WHAT MAKES US TAKE WALT’S SIDE? Walt has more than himself to worry about Will he tell his wife? He has to do something TRANSFORMATION Terminal Cancer
Financially secure his family NOBEL PRIZE WINNER HUMILIATED HAPLESS kleptomaniac suffering from panic attacks Why is he doing it? CRYSTAL METHAMPHETAMINE rule-abding life works in a carwash humiliated wrong place MISERABLE JESSE PINKMAN ex-student junkie partner meth manufacturer low-level street distributor kicked out of his home "Captain Cook" Would you use your knowledge to try something really dangerous and illegal to earn money easily? "THE ORDINARY GUY
NARRATIVE CHARACTER DEVELOPEMENT pacing is impacted by setting up characters, motivations and situations not just simply black and white Precise attention on charachter development AMC HBO Breaking Bad is CUMULITIVE rather than EPISODIC Breaking Bad is more than merely parsing Walter Hank HAPPY WITH SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE CRAVES ACTION AND EXCITEMENT Make bets with his partner on the nationality of the criminals For them, drug busts are a game They don't seem to look further than that Walt thinks things through intelligently We've been guided through his thought processes Walt’s fiftieth is not cause for celebration
so much as reason to watch his health He knows his subject matter very well. He has somehow ended up in the wrong profession. These scenes are symbolic to the change in his life. "it is growth and then decay, then transformation!" - Walter white He's not a good teacher. When a fictional character suffers a humiliation, the audience cringes in empathy. It creates strong reactions in both the sufferer and onlookers. Poor teacher payments + wife who spends her time on eBay. Walt must wash cars to supplement the family income. HUMILIATION The problematic student takes a picture of him. He could upload in to the Internet. BREAKING BAD character empathy in the pilot FUN FACT OF THE DAY dinner with my former girlfriend's family downloading the first episode ADDICTION PERSONAL STORY WALTER WHITE JR cerebral palsy idolizes his uncle typical high school kid humiliated worships his father VIDEO COMPLEX NARRATIVE Walt doesn't have a good insurance. AMBULANCE BILL almost as scary as the ILLNESS itself. Ultimate unfairness CANCEROUS black humour Walt's general interest is science THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!
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