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'Midnight in Paris' compared with 'The Great Gatsby'

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Alexei Tipenko

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of 'Midnight in Paris' compared with 'The Great Gatsby'

'Midnight in Paris' compared to 'The Great Gatsby'
Summary of movie
- Gil and Inez (Fiancé) travel to Paris alongside Inez's parents who are on a business trip.
- Gil has had a lot of success as a Hollywood writer, but can't seem to write his first novel.
- he loves Paris, but Inez doesn't see the same beauty in it.
- Gil decides to take a walk every night at Midnight, where he goes back in time to the 1920's and talks to famous people at the time.
- (No one knows if the time travel is real or just a figment of Gil's imagination)
Thematic connection
- Central theme: The need to feel nostalgia and go back to more interesting times.
- Gil feels nostalgic towards great literature and great authors.
- He experiences all of this at midnight in Paris.
- His novel is based around "Nostalgia shops".
- Similar to Gatsby: Desire to relive the past.
Character development connections
- Gil can be compared to a few of the characters in Gatsby:
1) Nick Carraway
- Gil is unfamiliar with his new surroundings of the 1920's.
- Follows Adriana and Hemingway throughout each night.
- Similar to Nick following Gatsby, Daisy and Tom around.

2) Tom Buchannan
- Gil's fiance (Inez) is slowly drifting away from him to another man, likewise, Daisy was losing interest in Tom for Gatsby.
- Gil has feelings for both Inez and Adriana, as does Tom has feelings for Daisy and Myrtle.

3) Jay Gatsby
- Both Gatsby and Gil prefer the past over the present.
Setting connection
- Both Gatsby and Midnight in Paris is set in the 1920's (Only midnight for the movie).
- Fitzgerald was in the movie and called Gil "Old Sport". Gatsby also called Nick "Old Sport" several times in the novel.
- Yellow taxi in the movie was very similar to Gatsby's yellow car.
Methods of Development:
Both Hemingway and Adriana tell Gil little stories about their lives.
ex. Hemingway talks about the war and Adriana talks about her relationship with Pablo Picasso.
- Draws the audience closer into the movie.
- Inspires Gil to write his own novel.
- Shows contrast between society in the modern day and society in the 1920's.
Reference to Popular Culture/ Allusion
Analysis of Tone
By: Alexei Tipenko
Overall Message
- Overall idea: Many people are caught up living or thinking in the past.
- Gil thought that the 1920's were the golden age, Adriana considered the 1890's as the golden age, and the people in the 1890's considered an earlier time to be more important.
- This shows that people should live their lives to their full potential and focus on the present.
"Can't relive the past? Why of coarse you can!"
- Gatsby, pg. 106
"The past is not dead" - Gil
- Entire movie is ultimately reference to popular culture.
1) Pablo Picasso
2) Popular literature (F.Scott Fitzgerald, Earnest Hemingway)
3) Palace of Versailles
4) Art Galleries throughout the movie
- These pieces of culture are what take him back to the 1920's (if it is his imagination) and inspire him.
"Admiring" and "Whimsical"
- Gil and Inez are in Paris to actually admire the city.
- Gil is in constant admiration of all the people and places he sees after Midnight. This tone is seen more through Gil's eyes in specific.
Use of Colour:
- No bright colours
- Dim lighting in the buildings
- Creates a very vintage feeling to the setting (old)
- Contrast between the bright modern day world and the parties in the 1920's
"Midnight in Paris" and "The Great Gatsby have many connections in theme, character development and setting.
- Both have a similar theme towards reliving the past.
- Gil, being the central character can be compared thoroughly to major characters in "The Great Gatsby"
- There is a connection in time period as well as similar minor details happening in the movie.
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